How to upgrade Streamlabs in 2023


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  • How do I know what version of Streamlabs I have?
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If you are experiencing issues with Streamlabs such as lag, dropped frames, or in-game frame rate issues, chances are that Streamlabs may be causing the issue.

This could potentially be because you are using an older, outdated version of the software. If you want your stream to run smoothly, you must ensure that you keep your software up to date.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can update Streamlabs. Let’s jump.

How to update Streamlabs

With OBS Studio, the update process is simple. Just go to the help section and click Check for Updates . Unfortunately, on Streamlabs this process is not so easy.

Even though Streamlabs is built on top of OBS Studio, there is no way to update it within the software itself. We went through all the menus and checked the support documentation from Streamlabs, only to find that there was no update feature in the software.

Streamlabs will automatically install any updates directly to your software as soon as they become available.

You may notice that when uploading to Streamlabs, a screen sometimes appears that says ” Streamlabs is being updated “. This is the last update installed on your system.

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually update the software from the menu.

How to manually update Streamlabs

The only way to manually update Streamlabs is to uninstall the app from your computer, re-download it from the Streamlabs website, and install it again. Your computer will have the latest version of Streamlabs installed.

This step is unlikely to be required as Streamlabs should update the software automatically. However, if you think there is a problem and it doesn’t update, this might be the best way to go. Follow the steps below to uninstall Streamlabs on your computer:

  • Navigate to the Windows button on your PC and search for “Apps and features”. Click Apps & Features.
  • Find Streamlabs OBS in the search bar
  • Click Stremlabs OBS -> Uninstall.

This will start the Streamlabs OBS removal process. Once the uninstall is complete, you can download and install the latest version of Streamlabs from their website.

Follow the installer instructions to reinstall Streamlabs on your computer.

How do I know what version of Streamlabs I have?

You can see what version of Streamlabs you have by looking at the top bar of your app. It will say “Streamlabs – [Your Version]”.


Unfortunately, this is probably not the kind of article you wanted to read about updating software, but this is the best way to do it. We hope that Streamlabs will add a manual update button to the software soon.


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