How to upgrade AirPods headphones

AirPods have long been a true benchmark among all TWS headphones, there are simply no such devices on the market. However, like all gadgets, Apple’s headset is not without its drawbacks. Some have headphones falling out of their ears, others have difficulty exercising in the gym, and still others have some other problem. It is important to understand that there is no alternative. Fortunately, there are Chinese craftsmen who can solve all the problems. Today I propose to talk about the most useful accessories for AirPods and discuss scenarios for their use.

Like any other gadget, AirPods aren’t perfect.

For cool accessories for AirPods, I would like to separately thank the Telegram channel Chest Ali Baba . The guys publish only those products that they tested themselves. To be honest, I took some of the accessories from there.


  • 1Sports with AirPods
  • 2Lanyard for AirPods
  • 3Ear pads for AirPods
  • 4How to clean AirPods
  • 5Universal AirPods Case

Sports with AirPods

The author of Ivan Gerasimov in his article already said that he actively uses headphones in the hall and faces some difficulties when using them, the main of which is falling out of the ears. In my opinion, there are two solutions here – buy AirPods Pro , which have silicone ear pads, or simply purchase overlays . Fortunately, there are a dime a dozen of them on Aliexpress.

Just look at this accessory, wherever you go with it. If you or your mates are worried about placing the earbuds inside their ears, this is probably the best solution possible. Well, judge for yourself. Is it better to take analogues from Huawei or Xiaomi and put up with the lack of a high-quality connection with apple products? Another plus of the linings is the black color, which will not be conspicuous. In general, I recommend it.

Product rating 4.4, reviews 1523, orders more than 2000.

With these pads, your headphones will definitely not fall out during exercise.

Price : 20 rubles.

Buy AirPods

Lanyard for AirPods

Another cool solution for sports I see a similar lace. It will be much more comfortable to run in it. Even if one of the headphones falls out, you don’t have to worry about it. And in the end, overlays may not work for you.

Plus, many people use their headphones separately. On the streets of the city, I often meet people who only wear one earpiece. Just think, every time he has to turn to the case in order to listen to music normally. Given the fact that all AirPods hold the battery more than decently, you can easily put the headset in a cord and not put it in a case.

In the last article, I talked about how I dipped my favorite gadget into a bucket when I washed the floors. There I told you what to do if water got into the AirPods . For the household guys, such an accessory is a real master of hev. Product rating 4.8, reviews 64, orders 219.

Don’t repeat my mistakes – buy a lace before the headphones fall into the water.

Price : 42 rubles

Buy Lanyard for AirPods

Ear pads for AirPods

Apple, of course, is great too. It is clear that they were aware that most users do not accept any new form factors and prefer earplugs. That is why the company first released AirPods, similar to EarPods, and only after a while rolled out the expensive Pro version.

Have you seen how much AirPods Pro cost on the official website? I think that not every user has an extra 12-15k. If you don’t want to pay, suffer. Apparently the plans were like this. Fortunately, the Chinese came to the rescue with their accessories. If you decide to try out a new format of earbuds for yourself, and then find out that this does not suit you, I recommend this thing.

The ear cushions are made of silicone, are extremely easy to use, and will appeal to many who have once miscalculated with the format. Product rating 4.6, reviews 709, orders 1764.

Convert your headphones to AirPods Pro.

Price : 53 rubles

Buy ear pads for AirPods

How to clean AirPods

My colleagues have already talked about the fact that headphones are difficult to clean and suggested ways to solve the problem. However, in the future, dirt and dust will still quickly clog up. My experience with AirPods 2 says exactly the same thing.

The other day I came across just such a contraption. It would seem just a sticker, nothing special. And the result is a multifunctional accessory. Product rating 4.6, reviews 189, 411 orders.

A simple sticker will help protect your headphones.

Price : 40 rubles

Buy AirPods protection

Universal AirPods Case

The selection of cases for AirPods absolutely lose all meaning with the arrival of this little thing. Here you don’t even need to say anything, everything is clear without words. Meet 6 in 1. Two cases that fit all occasions. One can be worn at all times, the other can be used on tourist trips. The kit also includes a lanyard so you don’t have to worry about getting wet or falling out of your ears.

The Apple Watch accessory deserves special attention. It allows you to wear the headphones directly on your wrist. I have little idea why it is needed, but many of our readers in the Telegram chat often remember about it. This also includes pads for sports or other activities and a carabiner for attaching headphones.

Friends, I suppose you will hardly find anything cooler than this case. I think we should take it. The case is available in different colors .

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