How to update your own elements in Pokémon Unite

Property items have been an important part of the Pokémon franchise since its introduction in the Gold and Silver versions. But you might even point out that they are more important than ever in this new game. Here is everything you need to know how to update your own elements in Pokémon Unite .

How to update your own elements in Pokémon Unite

The process of leveling up the items found in Pokemon Unite is relatively simple and straightforward. Only the level and requirements of the item will give you a hard time looking for an upgrade.

And you will definitely want to update your to-do items as soon as you can. Other players will also improve their items, so you will be at a disadvantage against the competition if all the items you own are only in the first stage.

First, you’ll start with a single item slot (two more will be unlocked as you level up) and even if you have Enhancers, you won’t be able to do anything with them. Item Boosters can be obtained through the Battle Pass, Challenges, and in-game currency (Aeos Tickets).

Once you reach level nine, you will finally be able to upgrade these items of your own. If you are going to update your items before reaching this milestone, the game will simply tell you that the update is not yet unlocked and you will have to wait to reach level nine.

Once you’ve unlocked the option to update items, press the X Button button when you’re at the main menu. Then go to Battle Prep and select the items you own. From there, highlight the Pokémon with the item you want to update and press the X Button button and then select Donate Items.

From here you can select the item you want to update. Once items reach stages 10 and 20, they will gain additional effects that will make them even more useful in combat.

Time required: 1 minute.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to update your own items in Pokémon Unite:

  • While the trainer is at level 9, press X at the main menu

This will open a menu on the left side.

  • Select Battle Prep, then Hold Items

This will take you to the menu where the magic happens.

  • Press X on a Pokémon, then select Donate Items

From there, you will be able to view your articles and choose one to update using the article enhancers.

That’s all there is to know about how to update your own items in Pokémon Unite . If you’re struggling with one loss after another, you might want to check out our guide on how to get Zeraora free for a limited time.

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