How to update Windows 10 if I don’t have enough hard drive space

One of the important aspects that we must always keep in mind and that will allow our PC to function optimally. That works with Windows 10 operating system , it is without a doubt updates. But this can’t be done, if you don’t have enough hard drive space then how can we do it. In the following tutorial we will tell you what you should do to update Windows 10 if I do not have enough space on the hard disk.

Since it is a complex process, not only must the updates be downloaded , they must also be processed and made a backup, and then installed on the system. All this process takes up a lot of space and if we do not have enough, the update will simply not be carried out and the new functions or bug fixes will not be available.

It is that many of these updates may require large volumes of free space on the hard disk, the last one I need between 10 to 20 GB. It is for this reason that many users decide to block, for example, automatic updates of Windows 10 applications, to have enough space on the hard drive for other applications.

How to update Windows 10 if I don’t have enough hard drive space

If you have already worked with this operating system, you must remember that it brings its own application by default to free up space on the hard disk, in case you run out of free space. And through this application we could have space for updates. But if this space was not enough, the download would not take place.

But this problem happened in previous versions of Windows, such as XP, 7 and 8, now in Windows 10 it offers you different options if you have enough space on your hard drive. And all this is done by the system automatically, which means this, that the system analyzes the disk   to check if there is enough space to perform the download.

What should you do to update Windows 10 if I don’t have enough hard disk space

If this is not the case, the system will show you a window on your screen and in it you can see the following options. With which you can download the update of the new version, but you must first have space on drive C. and secondly, here you can choose between freeing up space on your hard drive, at least 10 GB or using a USB memory.

This may be the best way to download the update, we connect the USB memory and let the process continue naturally. But we can also choose, in the case of not having a USB memory, to free up disk space. So we are going to use the Cleanup tool.

This will take care not only of deleting temporary files, but also cookies and other files that the system does not use. So in this way we can recover enough space from the hard disk. If this process was sufficient, the system will automatically recognize that there is the necessary space for the update and will begin the process.

Then the Windows Update wizard can continue with the process, where it will check and make necessary configurations on the system. And you just have to follow the steps indicated by the screen so that you can do an update process without problems. And you must wait for it to finish and you already have the new version of Windows 10.

This is just one of the many attributes that the Windows 10 operating system has and this is why its users rave about it.

There is no problem that does not have a simple and quick solution. Sometimes it may not be so, but we can always find a way out. And without complications, you already know what you should do to update Windows 10 if I do not have enough space on the hard disk.


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