How to update the software of your Amazfit Neo?

Nowadays, many people have started using the new generation of Smartwatch watches and it is because these kinds of watches allow you to do a myriad of things, such as measuring your blood pressure to monitoring your sleep time.

They are also very useful when exercising, since they show us the results of the number of steps we take in the day. This time we are going to show you how to update the software of your Amazfit Neo watch so that you can get the most out of it.

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  1. How can you update your watch properly?
  2. How can you configure automatic updates?
  3. What advantages will you have when updating your Amazfit Neo?
    1. New features and bug fixes
    2. Notification settings by application
    3. Locate your watch
    4. Better heart rate measurement

How can you update your watch properly?

So that you understand one thing before continuing with this tutorial. This watch model that we will talk about is very different from other smart watch models , and it is because it does not have a touch screen, but to control it you will have to do it from the side buttons that it has.

For you to be able to make the relevant updates , you have to do it through the phone with which said clock is synchronized. The app that will facilitate this process will be Zepp’s.

How can you configure automatic updates?

There is a way to update updates so that they download automatically. First you will have to go to the application store of your phone either App Store or Play Store and you will look for the Zepp application. You are going to link your watch with your phone and the Zepp app.

Now you will open the app you downloaded and click on the profile at the bottom of the screen. In that menu you will enter ‘My device’ and there you will click on the Amazfit Neo option . After you do this, a series of settings will open that you will be able to do on your watch.

In that list of settings you have to look for the option called ‘Check for updates’ and in that section you will see if your watch has the most recent software version . If an update is available, it will start to download automatically.

Another way to update it is by turning off the Bluetooth of your cell phone and in the phone settings you will enter applications and then the application manager. There you will find the Zepp app and delete all the data from the app. Then you will activate the phone’s Bluetooth again and synchronize the clock with the cell phone again. This will download the new software versions if they are available for your watch.

What advantages will you have when updating your Amazfit Neo?

Software updates are always to improve any flaw that the system had in the previous version or to integrate new more advanced functions to any of the devices that receive this update.

New features and bug fixes

By updating the system version of your Amazfit Neo, you will be able to use new functions that have been integrated into it and that improve the performance of your watch to a better point than what it previously provided.

Notification settings by application

The new versions for the Amazfit Neo system will give you the opportunity to improve and customize the notifications you receive on the watch. Thus, in the event that you receive a message or call from a specific person for whom you have personalized the notifications, you will be able to know it by the vibration of the clock.

Locate your watch

This is a very important function that the designers of the Amazfit Neo have focused on improving, and it is because sometimes we can lose our watch in our house and it may be difficult to find it. That is why from the Zepp application you can click on the section to find a watch and it will start to make constant strong vibrations with which it will be easier to find it.

Better heart rate measurement

Finally, heart rate measurement is one of the most used functions in this type of watch. In the latest updates that the Amazfit Neo has received, this function has been improved so that the results shown are more accurate.

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