How to update the software of all BQ devices

Today there are tons of different mobile manufacturers, in a market that always changes and grows with each year in a huge way.

Within this same market we can find both large manufacturers such as Apple’s services , as well as smaller manufacturers but equally effective in terms of their devices, such as the Spanish brand of BQ.

Since its launch in 2009, it has only grown; increasing the number of products in its repertoire and not only focusing on the manufacture of smart devices.

Likewise, as with any mobile device , the devices manufactured by BQ must download updates on a regular basis; in such a way that they can be kept free of errors and with a quite pleasant use.

The same, as you can imagine, also happens when Android launches a new update; This is so that both aspects of the BQ device stay current and fully functional.

Now, with the latter in mind, many people get a bit confused when it comes to updating their BQ devices, but it is actually very simple.

All you have to do is the entire guide that we are going to show you below, so that you can be aware of each small download that is needed for these devices .

Installing BQ updates

When you have a smart device like BQ’s, you have to have a device in hand that can be up to date with its updates;  in such a way that it can be used with total ease in all its aspects.

This can often be a bit more difficult said than done on certain devices, but this is certainly not the case with BQ devices; since you can update them in different ways, as is common among Android devices.

The first way in which we will talk to you about how you can update your BQ device is the most traditional way , and it is through the OnThe Air system , or OTA.

When using this system, the same device will let you know if there is a software update available ; although you can always check for yourself by entering the settings the device which appears in the form of a small gear in the menu. It should be noted that you can also activate the automatic update of the applications that you have pending .

Once we get to the settings of our device, we just have to find the menu that says “About phone”, and inside we will find the ” Updates ” section.

Now, within it, you will see an option that will let you check if there is a software update available or one that will make you download it directly. So, select this option and wait for the download and installation to take place remembering to have your device fully charged.

Another way to install updates for your BQ device

The other way you have to install the updates to your BQ device is through the same official BQ website. Enter it and look for the “Downloads” section on the main page and once there choose the device you want to update quickly.

When you have done it you will see that the page gives you the opportunity to download some “Drivers”, download the one that corresponds to your device.

Now, when you have done the download, connect your BQ device to your computer and open the file you have downloaded; This will make you update your device following the instructions that appear on the screen.

Remember that this process has many greater guarantees in case you cannot update through the first method indicated.


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