How to update League of Legends manually without problems?

Updating League of Legends can sometimes be a big problem, since many users have registered an error when making a version renewal, and if you have come this far it is because you also suffer from the same.

Another problem that may arise when updating League of Legends is when it fails to perform the update task.

How to Update League of Legends Manually Without Problems – Update LoL

You can also apply this method if, on the other hand, you want to avoid these annoying update difficulties at all costs, go the safe way and not complicate later with solutions.

What are the most common errors that occur when updating League of Legends?

Throughout the updates of said game, common signals can occur that are identified as slips, and that usually stand out in this process. They can generate infinite download loops, problems in the appearance or interface of the launcher, as well as many other more specific ones.

That is, these drawbacks prevent users from accessing their accounts and starting the game, luckily, there are ways to solve them, although some methods are not to the liking of players.

One of the most frequent problems that occur in this process happens when you press the “Play” button and immediately the launcher disappears and nothing happens after that.

While, for other people, what happens is that, after updating League of Legends , they never see the installer once they double-click on the program icon.

How can I do the manual installation of the game?

There is a very practical way to solve all these problems that arise during the development of the actions necessary to update League of Legends, and it is the manual mechanism.

In short, what you really have to do is download the game files again, instead of relying on the ones already installed on your computer to apply the changes of the new version.

Access the page and log in

To access the League of Legends site , or like an old school, you can do a quick search in the search engine par excellence, Google. Once you have entered the page, try to log in from the blue button in the upper right corner of the site.

Access the download link and download the client

From the “My account” tab , which will appear after you have logged in with your account, you will see that, when you click on it, an option called “Downloads” will appear that you must click on.

There, you will continue with the process by pressing in the “Download for Windows” mode (or for Mac, as the case may be) so that the download of the official game client begins immediately.

Launch the launcher and update the game

Next, you must start the game launcher to be able to update League of Legends from scratch, identifying the location of the executable that you downloaded previously. Generally, this is saved in the system folder called “Downloads” and when you find it, remember to always run it in administrator mode.

In this way, Windows will use the correct settings to run them, and when this happens , one or two simultaneous downloads will occur , before the launcher returns to its original form.

After that, you only have to accept the conditions of use and license so that the game begins to download automatically on your computer, so you will have to wait until it ends.

Still having problems during the update?

If LoL version refresh complications persist, even when you applied the above procedure, there may still be a glimmer of hope. Riot is aware of the problems that its game can generate for users. Therefore, he has decided to develop tools that will help you find a solution.

It is called Hextech, and you can easily find it on the developer’s official support page. It is even an instrument found in versions for Windows and Mac.

Just as you could solve the game update problem, you can solve any other common problem that comes your way.

If you cannot solve the errors or problems you have with the game, you can always go to the live chats with technical support experts or send them a direct mail.


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