How To Update Facebook From Messenger Lite

Do you need to update Facebook from Messenger Lite? Many people know the new messaging app Facebook Messenger very well, and as Zuckerberg likes, it is an app for anyone that facilitates both video and chat between users. That means it requires significant team resources. But what about people who have old devices, very slow connections, or no Wi-Fi?

In 2016, Facebook created the Messenger Lite app , which, as its name suggests, is a lightweight version where the technology is still under development. They remove very annoying popular chat pop-ups, video calls, games, and animated icons too. In other words, it is simplified and allows its use in more limited devices. At the moment, it can only be used on Android devices.

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How to update Facebook from Messenger Lite?

Update Facebook From Messenger Lite

It is necessary to bear in mind that some functions of the Facebook Messenger app are maintained. For example, you can use emoticons (although only the simplest are stored), voice calls, chats and stickers.

1- Update Facebook Messenger Lite on Android

Facebook Messenger Lite

If you have already installed it on your device, continue reading that we are going to tell you here how to update Facebook from Messenger Lite in a simple and worry-free way for your peace of mind. And if you don’t have it yet, you can easily download the latest version.

This app is constantly updated, like Android applications in general. So you have to be very careful to always be in the latest version and avoid surprises, both in terms of security and obsolescence.

Basically, if you have the automatic update option activated , you will not have any problem. In this way, your mobile phone will detect when an update for Facebook Messenger Lite is installed, and will carry out the entire process automatically, without user intervention.

If for any reason you disabled this option, you must perform the following steps to keep the app updated on your Android device:

Download Messenger Lite for Android

  1. Navigate to where the Google Play Store App is located
  2. Now click on the ” Settings” or settings button, top left
  3. Click the ” My apps and games” button
  4. By default, apps and games that are waiting to be updated appear in the foreground. Now you should find the Facebook Messenger Lite icon. Do not forget that you must be careful not to confuse it with other Messenger apps that you may have on your mobile
  5. Now click on the ” Update” box located next to the application
  6. This will start downloading and installing the update
  7. The app will disappear from the list because it is no longer waiting for an update

Another way to update:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store app
  2. Locate the application by its name in the upper white field (search engine) and press ” Enter
  3. A selection from the search results is usually the first in the list
  4. The presentation screen of the app will open. This will include two buttons: “Uninstall” and “Update”. You must press the second option
  5. The download of additional material will start and this application will be installed on your terminal
  6. When completed, the ” Update” button will change to ” Open “, as the update is no longer necessary

If the size of the update is too large, it may ask you to restart the mobile. This is especially true for updates related to security policy issues.

Remember that the app may require permissions for the update. A message will appear and all you have to do is confirm that you agree with what is asked of you.

2- Update Facebook Messenger Lite on iPhones with iOS

There is currently no iOS version of this application. Nowadays, it is not necessary to use the limited functions of iOS devices. Such terminals have a lot of physical and virtual memory, in addition to that their processor is much faster than it seems. They do not need lighter applications because they have more memory and the capacity to load up to 500 GB.

In any case, if this option ever arises for Apple terminals, then you should mark this app to update automatically and forget about any unnecessary problems. The update can be done, without a doubt, through the App Store icon itself and without any inconvenience for the end user.

3- Download and update Facebook Messenger Lite with the APK

If you are one of those people who always want to have all the apps and updates, then you are an ideal candidate to download and install the new APK to update Facebook Messenger Lite.

To find out if there are new updates to the Facebook app, you can use the traditional mode, as we have said in the Android section. Although you can also use another way, you just have to get the APK file of the app.

Don’t forget that we always offer you absolutely reliable download links to avoid malware problems. To install it this way, follow the steps below:

Download here the latest APK version of Facebook Messenger Lite

  1. Download the APK file that we provide above and place it on your PC
  2. Connect the device on which you want to use the lite version of Facebook Messenger to your computer and transfer the file to the device.
  3. Click on it; you will see it installed on your phone
  4. While it is being updated, it may ask you for some kind of confirmation, read everything and then click ” Accept” or ” Allow “
  5. You may need to restart your phone for the installation you just performed to take effect

Do not forget that you must have activated the option ” Third-party installations ” to be able to open and install APKs from your mobile, in this way you can also update Facebook from Messenger Lite.

Differences between Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Lite


You may already be familiar with the Lite apps; they are always lighter files, created for phones that may have trouble downloading full applications – older or low-end phones with a small processor and RAM.

They usually have the simplest options, but they allow you to do many of the things that the main application does. In short, Facebook Messenger Lite is a limited FB chat app ; however, the main app includes other options that can improve your experience, although not all of them are always used.

They both have the same home screen, where you can view your recent conversations and contacts to start new chats. However, it will be in this menu where you can see the great design differences that exist between the two.

The size of Facebook Lite is 1MB, compared to 55MB for Messenger ; in its initial menu Lite has a cleaner environment with only three options, while Messenger has a series of menus at the bottom that allow the user to interact more with their friends.

But what will attract your attention the most is the fluidity of Lite, since the application opens in a short space of time and you do not need to download anything else beforehand. You will not have the possibility of bubbles while the conversation enters your phone.

As you have seen, there are two options that you should try to decide which of them meets the requirements for a responsible and full usability of Facebook and its chats. Now that you know how to update Facebook Messenger Lite to the latest version for free, then you just have to get down to business and enjoy.

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