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Microsoft has acquired Beam , a video game streaming company. Yes, this service is similar to Twitch and YouTube Live, but it has an interesting feature that allows viewers to interact with a game streamed by anyone using games on a Windows PC.The streamer must first let the audience tinker with his or her game. If this turns out to be a huge deal, then one day no streamer will want to disable this feature. For now, only time will tell if this is good or not.

Now that Beam is now owned by Microsoft, people will be wondering when they can stream Xbox One games to the platform. Xbox One gamers can stream to Twitch right now. In fact, Twitch streaming to Xbox One is the best of all consoles. It should be noted that Microsoft tried to acquire Twitch but was defeated by Amazon.

There is currently no easy way to stream Xbox One games to Beam, but there is the option to watch Beam streams on Xbox One . This is a very easy task, so just follow the instructions and you should be fine.

Watch ray streams on Xbox One

First of all, you will want to become a Beam member because only members can interact with the streams. On the main Beam page, people should see a simple registration form . You can register with your username, email and password, or simply do it with your social media account. We suggest doing this through your personal computer or mobile phone.

Once this is done, be sure to check your email for the specific code to activate your Beam account. You will receive 500 sparks that allow viewers to customize their accounts.

When it comes to streaming through your Xbox One, launch the Microsoft Edge web browser , visit the official Beam website, and sign in with your newly created Beam account. From there, simply click Browse and select any available live stream to watch.

The flow from our end was smooth, but not yet on the same level as Twitch. In addition, videos can be streamed in HTML5 and Flash formats.

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