How to update apps on Apple TV

Although Apple’s TVOS system does not work in the same way as its other systems launched by this company, one of the similarities that exist between them is the need to periodically update the applications installed on them. .

Well, regardless of whether you use the Apple TV Plus platform or the conventional service of this system, the need to update applications is the same in both cases. Therefore, you must be aware of the options with which you have when making the pertinent updates to the applications that you have on your Apple TV.

With this under consideration, here we will show you how to update the apps on your Apple TV manually and automatically. So you can enjoy the most recent versions of all your applications.

Update apps on Apple TV manually

One of the best options to keep the different applications that you have downloaded and installed on your Apple TV up to date is by updating them. The alternative most used by many Apple TV users to update applications is to do it manually from the Apple App Store .

To do this, you must enter the application store on your Apple TV, and once there you must locate the application you want to update . When you have located it, you will notice that it shows an option identified as ‘Update’.

Therefore, you will only have to select this option and the update download process for the previously selected application will be carried out immediately . In this way, you can manually update any application you want, even the screensaver you have put on your Apple TV , as long as there is one available to download.

On the other hand, if the ‘Update’ option is not shown in the application with which you wish to obtain such service, it may be that you already have the most recent version of such application .

Update apps on Apple TV automatically

Apple TV has a series of tools that allow its users to enjoy its service in a simple way. Such tools include the ability not only to configure your iPhone as a remote control for Apple TV , but also to automatically set application updates , so you don’t have to do the process manually.

To do this, you must go to the ‘Settings’ section on your Apple TV and then you must enter its Apps. Once there, keep in mind that there are two options to automatically update the applications that have a pending on your Apple TV.

The first of these options, to update the applications automatically, is by activating the button that is shown in the list of pending applications to update . This button will allow you to give the order to carry out the pertinent updates, but this process will not be pre-established.

So, if you want to activate automatic update for your Apple TV apps as a standing order. You must select the second option that indicates the ‘Update automatically’ function .

Possible drawbacks for updating Apple TV apps

If you have followed our previous recommendations to the letter to update the applications of your Apple TV, it is very sure that you have not presented any inconvenience to successfully achieve this process. However, there are some Apple TV-compatible devices that present some inconveniences to update the corresponding applications .

In this way, you should know that in reality most of the failures are not caused by your device coupled to Apple TV, but by the web connection you use . So you should make sure you have a good network while you update the applications.

Likewise, some of the frequent problems while updating Apple TV applications, either manually or automatically, are due to a failure of the application itself . So in this case, we recommend that you make sure that both your Apple TV system and the App Store application are fully functional.

So then, you will be able to face any possible inconvenience while the necessary updates of your applications are carried out on Apple TV.

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