How to update an Amazfit Neo smartwatch correctly?

Smartwatches are today a complementary tool to improve the performance of both the mobile and the user, working to optimize sleep cycles , monitor heart rate and exercise effectively. Among these devices, we can highlight the Amazfit models that have the option to download and install WhatsApp , to use the application directly from the watch.

With several years establishing itself in the market as one of the best quality brands with affordable prices, Amazfit has a wide range of models with different characteristics that adapt to your needs and preferences, to be able to select between them. Today we will talk about a particular model, since we will show you how to update an Amazfit Neo smartwatch correctly.

How to Update an Amazfit Neo Smartwatch Correctly?

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  1. Where do you find the option to update your Amazfit Neo?
  2. How to activate automatic updates on your Amazfit Neo?
  3. What are the benefits of updating your watch to the latest update?
    1. New features and bug fixes
    2. New configurations to your Apps
    3. The ‘Locate your watch’ option
    4. Better heart rate measurement

Where do you find the option to update your Amazfit Neo?

Despite how extensive the Amazfit smartwatch catalog can be, no model resembles the design of the Amazfit Neo, which has a totally retro design similar to a casual watch from another era, even similar to a watch casio. Don’t be fooled by the design though, as it still packs a whole host of smart features to enhance everyday life.

In order to synchronize and configure the Amazfit Neo, you need to take into account that it does not have a touch screen , but rather 4 physical buttons to navigate the Smartwatch interface and be able to use all its functions as you wish. In particular, the usual physical monitoring functions of the Amazfit that it has, through a state-of-the-art optical heart rate monitor.

Taking into account the retro design of the Amazfit Neo and the way to navigate through its interface, we can come to the conclusion that this is one of the most user-friendly Amazfit models , especially when compared to high-end ones. Therefore, locating the option to update the Amazfit Neo is just as simple as the rest of its functions, as is applying the steps to install all its updates.

  • First of all, in order to update the Amazfit Neo, it must be synchronized with your mobile device through the Zepp application. Which you can download on Google Playor App Store, depending on the operating system of your phone.
  • Once the Amazfit Neo is linked with the mobile, open the Zepp applicationby clicking on the icon that appears on the home screen.
  • Within the Zepp application, click on the Profile section, then check the My devices sectionand select the Amazfit Neo.
  • Next, a drop-down menu will open with the configuration options of the Amazfit Neo, in which you will have to click on the option Check for updates.
  • In this way, the application will scan for new updates, if there are any available , it will automatically start downloadingto the Amazfit Neo.

How to activate automatic updates on your Amazfit Neo?

According to its factory default settings, the Amazfit Neo Smartwatch should update automatically every time there is a new version available to install. However, on certain occasions such automatic updating often fails due to problems with Bluetooth and the Zepp application cache , which may be full. In addition to this, the updates are also interrupted when the mobile has a low battery.

Therefore, you must open the Bluetooth window of the mobile phone to clear the shared data and re-establish the connection with the Amazfit Neo. Then, you will have to enter the settings menu and follow the following route: Applications and notifications> All applications> Zepp> Storage and here you must press the Clear data and Clear cache buttons.

In this way, when you open the Zepp application again and link your mobile device with the Amazfit Neo, it should start updating automatically periodically , as long as they are connected to a WiFi network. In the event that automatic updates are not activated in this way, you must contact Amazfit technical support to report your problem.

What are the benefits of updating your watch to the latest update?

Keeping the Amazfit Neo device updated to its latest version is essential for its operation, since with an outdated version of the Smartwatch software it can present operating problems , as well as errors in synchronization with the mobile. Below we will explain the main benefits of updating the Amazfit Neo to the latest version.

New features and bug fixes

After setting up an Amazfit Smartwatch on an Android / iOS device with the Zepp app, you will be able to see all the features it has to offer. These functions are not perfect , since for any reason they can present errors in their operation, and in most cases these errors come directly from the application servers.

Therefore, to solve these problems it is necessary to install the available updates of the Amazfit, which are generally available for this. Besides, on other occasions these updates are to add new functions to the smart watch, to improve the experience of using it and thus practically have a new Amazfit model, without having to make the financial expense of buying a new device.

New configurations to your Apps

Just as new updates for the Amazfit include new features and bug fixes to existing features, they may also include new settings to built-in apps. That is to say, the factory functions of the Amazfit Neo are improved with each new update to make them more precise and include more configuration options, so that they can be easily customized.

The ‘Locate your watch’ option

One of the main functions included in the new Amazfit Neo update is a classic function that was already found in other models when pairing and synchronizing with a mobile, such as the Amazfit Bip U , Amazfit GTS and GTR, among others. This function is to locate the watch in case it is lost , which you can access through the Zepp application in the Profile section.

By pressing on this function, the watch will begin to make strong vibrations constantly so that you can easily locate it, as long as it is lost at a close distance from the mobile.

Better heart rate measurement

The other main function that has been added in the latest update of the Amazfit Neo, is that of a better measurement of the heart rate by having new configuration options in said option. This is thanks to the new Activity Detection function , which adapts the heart rate sensor according to the physical activity that you are doing at the moment.


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