How to update all links or links automatically in Word

A large part of the programs that live on your computer are responsible for your being able to comply with educational and work activities within the stipulated periods. For each activity or task, there is specialized software that, through its functions and tools, make your life easier . One of them is the function of automatically updating all links or links in Word.

Office automation programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel are an example of this. Microsoft Office is one of the office automation packages with the largest number of installations on computers worldwide.

Today, they are even present on mobile devices such as Smartphone and Tablet so that you have their tools wherever you are.

Using Microsoft Word

Undoubtedly, its simple interface and how advanced it can be in terms of tools and functionalities, have screwed it into that first position that it is very difficult for any other program to occupy in the immediate future.

Different elements in the same document

One of the most relevant features that this word processor has available for your computer and other types of mobile devices is the ability to support different kinds of elements: images, videos, shapes, cells, among others.

In this way, Microsoft Word guarantees that the document you are structuring is as complete as possible. That is why it is vitally important to learn to manipulate all available resources.

References in Word

One of the most important elements in any Microsoft Word document is the references . These are links, bookmarks and any other type of elements that are within the file and that direct you to a section of the document, to another document or to a web platform . Likewise, as they can be inserted, references or hyperlinks can also be removed .

Constant changes

The normal thing about these elements is that, when making a change, you need to do it manually each time you enter your document. Of course, it would be a lot easier for Word to do it for you automatically.

That is precisely what you are going to learn to do this time by following a series of simple instructions so that when you insert your references or links, Word will automatically update the links . All thanks to the functions it uses in its interface.

Update the links in your document easily and quickly

Once you have finished with the content that is part of your document and you have established all the references and links you need within the text, it is time to explore the options that will allow you to perform the reference updates automatically .

  • First, you must click on the “File” tab located in the upper left part of your screen. This will cause Word to move you to the information panel for your file.
  • On your left, you will see a list of tools with different types of functions. You will locate and click on the one that corresponds to “Options”.
  • A new window will open on your screens, where you will appreciate precisely a large number of options.
  • Click on the “Advanced” section .
  • Scroll through the large number of Microsoft Word functions, until you reach the “General” section.
  • This section will show you an interesting number of boxes to check or uncheck.
  • Locate and check the box that corresponds to “Update automatic links on opening . 
  • Click on “OK” to complete the operation.

A quick, practical and easy process to carry out

By complying with each of the instructions that have been indicated in this article, you will have the assurance that the references and links added to your document will be automatically updated in the document each time you enter its content.

You no longer have to worry about wasting time performing this procedure manually. Knowing this, what are you waiting for to carry out this easy operation? Start enjoying this and other benefits offered by the functions and tools that Microsoft Word has at your disposal. With them it is even possible to link and link a Word document to Excel easily .


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