How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video

Have you subscribed to Prime Video but want to unsubscribe to try other streaming services? Have you activated Amazon Prime Video Free but want to cancel before the 30-day free trial expires? You are in the right place!

Let’s see together what are the steps required to cancel Prime Video . The cancellation of the subscription is not done directly from the streaming service. In fact, consulting the settings of Prime Video, you are faced with a screen like this:

As the button at the bottom right suggests, to make changes to your subscription you need to go to Amazon. So let’s connect to and see the steps to follow. From the Amazon home, click on Hello * your name * – Accounts and lists . In the My Account list, tap on My Account .

If you have followed the steps you should be faced with a summary screen similar to this one. The section that interests us is obviously the one entitled  Prime . Press us!

You are faced with another summary screen. Here are the benefits of subscribing to Prime, the plan currently in use, the renewal date and, above all, the section that interests us: Manage Subscription . Below you will notice the drop-down menu Update, delete and more . Press us.

Here you will find two basic items. The first, Remember Me Before Renewal , is useful for example if you want to terminate your Prime and Prime Video subscription before the Renewal Date expires . In this case, Amazon will send you a reminder via email, to be precise 3 days before the renewal. The second is the one that interests us most, Finish the registration . We will need it to cancel Amazon Prime .

Deactivate Amazon Prime Video after 30 days

By clicking on Finish registration, you will be asked to follow a series of steps. To get started, Amazon will warn you of the consequences of unsubscribing . The message portends the immediate termination of the benefits granted by the subscription.

ATTENTION, by unsubscribing you will lose access to the benefits included in the Amazon Prime subscription.

In fact, as you can also read from the official Amazon Help page , by terminating the registration you can continue to take advantage of the benefits.

If you have decided not to continue with the subscription after the 30 free days , you will be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime until the end of this period.

It does not matter, therefore, to deactivate Amazon Prime Video after 30 days : you can also deactivate it earlier by continuing to take advantage of the free trial. The rule also applies if you are paying for Prime and Prime Video membership. Also on the Help page you can read:

You can choose to disable automatic renewal, continuing to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime until the subscription expires

You can then activate the free 30 days and cancel immediately in order to use the free trial without worries. Otherwise, if you are a paying user but have decided to cancel, simply proceed with the steps suggested by Amazon.


However, Prime Video is just one of the many services included in the Amazon Prime subscription . Subscribers have access to all of the following benefits:

  • Unlimited shipping on millions of products without charge
  • Prime Video: Stream TV series and movies from PC, mobile, console, smart TV
  • Prime Music: 2 million songs and hundreds of ad-free playlists
  • Prime Reading: Hundreds of Kindle eBooks included
  • Twitch Prime: Free in-game content and video games on the popular game streaming platform
  • Lightning Deals: Early access to special offers
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