How to unlock my iPad if it has been locked?

The iPad is a device produced by the Apple company which is undoubtedly one of the companies that produce the largest and best known electronic devices in the world. This is why their devices need to be placed on the market with good quality so that the buyer can be interested in such portable device.

Even with all the quality checks that the Apple Bite company needs and has, its phones and tablets can have failures and errors. They also have a security system that allows the user who owns the device to lock it in case of theft, theft or loss.

In this article we will show you why it is locked and how you can unlock your iPad , because it is locked for various reasons.

Why can an iPad be stuck in the Apple symbol?

It can be after the “jailbreak” on the device, when you update the IOS version of your iPad or restore data with Itunes backup , when you restore the device, etc. But the important question is really what happens when the Apple logo appears on the screen and doesn’t it happen from there ?

Well, when you turn on your device, check the logic circuit it has, the system memory and the other circuits that make up the device as such. Then turn on the processor normally and correctly and to organize the components it has on the inside.

Throughout all of the above, the Apple logo appears so that the device functions start without you noticing. When the Ipad does not pass the Apple logo it is because something is wrong in the initialization process, now we will see some things that can make it happen.


Jailbreaking is a process that modifies the software by removing many of the limitations of IOS and gives you full control of your device.

When these limitations are removed, it gives applications easier access to the operating system, which ultimately results in the iPad not passing the Apple logo.

IOS system update

When updating the operating system, a new path opens up for new data to enter the system, which can cause problems. Some faulty security programs, cables and USB ports can interfere with the data transition and infect the upcoming IOS update.

What is more likely to happen when data is transferred from a PC to an iPad or when you restore Itunes data for your device. And so the data transfer process can stick the Apple logo and not launch the iPad itself.

How to unlock your iPad if it stays in the Apple logo?

There are several ways to unlock your iPad, here we will show you several so that you can try some to save your precious device.

Restart iPad with two buttons

  1. Press the “power” button and the start button at the same time for 10 seconds.
  2. The logo will fade for a moment and return immediately.
  3. Stop pressing the buttons when the logo appears.

Restore iPad via iTunes

  1. You have to turn off your
  2. Connect your device to PC with a USB cable and open
  3. Then press the start button.
  4. When you see the Itunes logo, stop pressing the start button; the iPadwill be in recovery mode and thus unable to unlock the device.

A detail of this method is that the data present in the iPad will be deleted during the device reset and will be replaced by those present in the copy of iTunes.

You may also be nostalgic to reset your iPad and have to put all your content from scratch, for that we have a solution.

Recover iPad data with Aiseesoft Fonelab

The “Aiseesoft Fonelab” program simplifies the download of backup copies and helps you to install them correctly on your iPad.

  1. Install “Aiseesoft Fonelab”on your PC.
  2. Open Fonelab and click on “Restore files from Icloud backup”, enter your Icloud account and select the desired backup.
  3. After downloading the backup, click “Start Scan”to scan the backup for any malware.
  4. After a few minutes, the program will display your data on the screen, there select the files you want to save.
  5. And finally, click “Recover”and select the folder where the recovered files will be saved.

After a few seconds the data will be saved on your PC so that you can pass it on to your iPad.

As a last rabbit, we can say that if the problem persists, go to an expert because the cause of the problem could be the hardware or the software.


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