How to unlock MAC 10 in Warzone?

How to unlock MAC 10 in Warzone? All doubts cleared up, and some tips to make it easier for you to get the 15 double casualties they ask for

If, like us, you started playing a bit late and they didn’t give it to you in Season 1, we’ll explain how to unlock the queen of short distances, the Mac 10:

Unlock MAC 10 in Warzone – Requirements

You have to quickly kill two or more enemies in fifteen different games using submachine guns


  • The casualties in the warm-up do not count.
  • It does not count to finish someone down
  • In order for it to be computed you have to receive the Double Low message
  • If you have already achieved the double casualty, you can exit the game, it will count you and it will no longer add you if you get more casualties.

Unlock MAC 10 in Warzone – Tips

First of all, go well prepared, carry an MP5, a PPSh-41, a Bullfrog or an LC10, and with the enlarged magazine so that it is not an odyssey.

And secondly we give you some tips to get double casualties

Tricks to get Double Casualties

1- Do not jump to the end: You will see that at the end the helicopter releases the inactive ones, who will fall and stay still. There are usually more than one, so this is the fastest chance to kill two in a row. If you get it, quit for another two. Although we recommend you jump slightly before to see how they fall, since you are not the only one who knows the trick.

2- Kill and wait: If you kill someone and you don’t die, wait for them to come to save him to kill them both. Or kill someone close and finish off your dejected. If you already find someone killed (who you have not killed) who they are saving, wait for them to revive, because if you kill their partner they will not tell you their loss

3- Look for pairs, or trios: You can get double casualties by killing people without equipment, but it is more difficult

4- Kingslayer Mode: Many more double kills are achieved in Kingslayer than in loot.

5- Zones: Nothing like Storage Town, especially if the helicopters leave from the left, to find many people together. The train is also very busy.


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