How to unlock iPhone 13 without password

The procedure to unlock an iPhone 13 without having the password is not too complicated, especially when there are utilities specifically created to carry out these types of specific tasks, so that the results are generally satisfactory.

Forgetting the password and not remembering it or having it written down but not knowing where it is when you need it to unlock the iPhone are very common situations, although less and less because Face ID eliminates these types of scenarios since it uses the face to unlock the phone.

However, you will have to use it, for example, when Face ID or Touch ID does not work, either because the iPhone does not detect your fingerprint correctly or because you have the mask and there is no way to unlock it, in those cases the phone will ask you for the password to unlock it properly.

The use of keys to unlock the iPhone is less and less common, but it does suppose an additional security method that you must have activated, although not being used as often, it can cause you to forget the password and not be able to use it.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is the solution

When that happens you can use a software called PassFab iPhone Unlocker , a payment utility for computers with Windows and macOS through which you can unlock the iPhone 13 or any other iOS device if you do not remember the password.

The novelty of PassFab iPhone Unlocker is that it is compatible with iOS 15 , so if you have updated your recent iPhone 13, you will not have problems. The tool also offers support for older iOS versions and other iOS or iPadOS devices, so you could do the same with an iPad.

To use this tool make sure you have enough charge on the iPhone, at least 50%, and the USB cable to connect it via computer because it is an essential requirement. But first you need to download the utility for Windows. Once downloaded and installed, the steps to follow to unlock iPhone 13 are very simple:

  • Open the utility and click on the “start” button to begin the unlocking procedure.
  • Then, click on “start” again.
  • Next, choose the device in the top list, in this case the iPhone. Then you will have to follow the instructions exactly as shown on that screen, which is equivalent to connecting the iPhone to the PC via USB and pressing a series of buttons to put the device in the correct mode so that PassFab iPhone Unlocker can do your job.
  • Now the screen will change automatically when it detects that everything is well done and you will have to choose the path where the firmware in charge of unlocking your iPhone without a password will be downloaded , when you have it click on “download” .
  • In this last step, all you have to do is wait for it to be saved and the process will begin when you click on “start remove” or “start deletion”, you have to be patient because the process can take a few minutes.

It is important that during the procedure you do not disconnect the iPhone from the PC and that the phone has enough battery for everything to go smoothly and you can access the phone for which you did not remember the password again. You will see that this is the case with a confirmation message that indicates that everything has finished correctly.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is not a free solution, but taking advantage of the fact that there is a discount coupon with the code A8DTE , you can buy it a little cheaper since you will get a 30% discount with respect to the final price of the utility, assuming a good opportunity to buy it.

When you are in the situation that you do not remember or forget the password of your iPhone 13 , it is best to resort to applications such as PassFab iPhone Unlocker , a tool in Spanish and easy to use, specific for this type of task and that offers the possibility of give you back access to your phone as if nothing had happened.


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