How to unlock all Mythic Paths in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

How to unlock all mythical paths: detailed analysis of the mechanics and much more

Towards the end of the first chapter of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you will encounter mythical paths. To begin with, you will be offered a choice between an Angel and a Demon, but after that you can unlock other options. One way or another, choosing and following a certain mythical path, completing tasks and so on, in the end you can turn the commander into a powerful creature.

Features of the use of mythical ways

  • The mythical path has its own level system. You will receive a new mythical level when you reach certain plot points. That is, it does not depend on the standard experience points required to level up the commander. With each new level, the mythical path opens up new unique abilities and skills that are somehow connected with the chosen deity / essence.
  • Each mythical path is associated with a specific quest chain. That is, you will not be able to see all the content in one playthrough.
  • In many dialogues, options for solving quests and various situations, there are additional phrases assigned to a certain mythical path. If you go the other way, you will not even see what this phrase would be (there will be an inscription like “The choice requires the mythical path of Aeon”). In some cases, you can choose an additional option to solve a simple situation, while other choices can lead to much more serious consequences. For example, one mythical way will save a character, while if there are others, he simply dies.

Mythic Level Up

As mentioned above, you will increase the mythical level upon reaching certain plot points. Often we are talking about significant events, which are simply impossible to miss. In total, the game has one large prologue and six chapters. Thus, you can pump the mythical path in the following moments:

  • Level 1 – in the first chapter you can choose the inclination towards the mythical path
  • Level 2 – in the second chapter
  • Level 3 – in the second chapter, when you receive it, you can choose the initial mythical path
  • Level 4 – in the third chapter
  • Level 5 – in the third chapter
  • Level 6 – in the fourth chapter
  • 7 level – in the fourth chapter
  • Level 8 – in the fifth chapter, when you get it, you can choose the late mythical path
  • Level 9 – in the sixth chapter
  • Level 10 – in the sixth chapter

And now for more details. In the first chapter, as soon as you unlock the very system of mythical levels, you will be asked to choose a tendency towards one of the mythical paths. Thus, you only associate yourself with this mythical path, but in no case make a final decision that could not be changed. That is, in the future, you will still have a choice of a mythical path. You can choose the inclination to the Angel, but then indicate the Demon or some other path altogether. And just after reaching the third mythical level, you will have to make the final decision, choosing the initial mythical path. Once you make a decision, you will no longer be able to choose any other mythical path! Unless you start a new game.

If you manage to unlock everything, then you will have a choice of six initial mythical paths. Angel and Demon are available by default, but for Azat, Trixter, Lich and Eon you will have to perform additional actions.

Then, upon reaching the eighth mythical level, you can make another choice. You will be prompted to keep the current mythical path or go to a completely new one. There are three late mythical paths in total (Legend, Golden Dragon, Walking Swarm), but in order for them to be available, you will have to complete some steps in the first four chapters. Of course, we will talk about them below.

Finally, you can unlock the secret mythical path. You can do this in Chapter 5, but you have to make sure that a number of conditions are met.

Worldviews and mythical paths

Each mythical path is associated with a specific alignment, so all dialog choices and quest lines are structured to follow that alignment. You can deviate from the alignment, but not too far. If you cross the line, you will simply block the unique kevst chain.

Here is a short list of mythical paths and comparable worldviews:

  • Angel – Law Abiding Good
  • Demon – Chaotic Evil
  • Eon – Law Abiding Neutral
  • Azata – Chaotic Good
  • Trickster – Chaotic Neutral
  • Lich – Law Abiding Evil
  • Golden Dragon – Neutral Good
  • Walking Swarm – Chaotic Evil
  • Legend – no attachment to alignment

How to unlock all mythical paths

Mythical paths are accompanied by unique musical compositions. That is, if the music suddenly changes on the map, it means that something is happening here that may be associated with one of the mythical paths. If you open the mythical path, you can choose new lines in the dialogues that will be associated with it. You will be able to choose different dialogues, but no later than the end of the second chapter: at this moment you will make the final choice of the mythical path. And after this decision, only those phrases that are associated with the chosen mythical path will be available in quests and dialogue branches.

The mythical way “Angel” or “Demon”

These are the standard mythical paths that will be available regardless of the decisions you make back in the first chapter, when you get the first level and can choose the inclination. Until the moment of making the final decision at the third mythical level, you can choose phrases for “Angel” or “Demon”. Regardless of this, you can choose any of the two paths as the final (initial).

How to open the mythical path of Azat

As soon as you find yourself on the Market Square, through which you will need to go in the direction of the rest of the map, sooner or later you will encounter Halran. The crusader-inquisitor asks to find the dangerous magician Ramien, who will have his own vision of the situation. Leave Ramien alone to open the mythical path of Azatha. Here you need to either finish off Halran himself, who is hunting the magician, or find a way to calm him down so that he stops pursuing Ramien. You can also wait a little, ignoring the situation, until Halran tracks down Ramien and finishes him personally. The main thing is that it is not you.

Thus, if you did not harm Ramien, then you will encounter Ilkes, who will have an additional task for you “Looking to the stars.” First you need to find a bard named Aranca, who is in the party house of Count Arenda. After that, you must explore the Market Square and find the magician Tall, who pretends to be a crusader. It will stand next to the place where you collected the bridge over the rift from the doors and boards. That is, closer to the beginning of the location. Once you find both, return to Dezna’s temple to chat with Ilkes and complete the quest. When Aranka starts humming the song, be sure to sing along to her. This will unlock this mythical path.

How to unlock the mythical path of the Trickster

During the passage of the first chapter, you will find yourself in the Black Wing library. When talking to people pretending to be crusaders, select the options related to the Trickster Path. In addition, when this replica appears, be sure to point to it – “Give in to a strange inspiration.”

How to unlock the mythical path of Aeon

During the passage of the first chapter, exploring the Market Square, find a strange dagger that lies next to the place where the locals celebrated the holiday. Save the found piece of Eon. As soon as you find the Guardian Stone from the game in the Gray Garrison, point to the option marked by Aeon’s path. Be sure to do as we indicated above, otherwise you will forever block the ability to follow the path of Eon.

How to unlock the mythical path of the Lich

Having reached the second chapter, when you find yourself on the “Smile of a Leper” location, look for the way to the caves at the top. Walk down and head left to find the wand. Taking the item, get to the location “The Lost Sanctuary”. There you will find a hall with an altar, and on the east wall – a secret door. Please note that you will be able to find this door, provided that the above-mentioned wand from the “Smile of a Leper” location is in your inventory. Go out the door, chat with the character and agree to follow the Lich’s path.

Late mythical paths (SPOILERS)

The mythical paths below appear late in the game. That is, if you read the information now, you will surely stumble upon a couple of plot spoilers. Do this at your own risk. You will be able to choose one of the listed mythical paths during the passage of the fifth chapter. Or refuse and stay on the path that was indicated earlier in the third chapter.

How to unlock the mythical path of the Golden Dragon

During the prologue, traveling through the caves below Kenabres, you will find two Terendelev scales. When you meet with the Storyteller, show him the scales, and he will offer to find more Terendels pieces. When you go through the top of the “Smile of a Leper”, you will be able to get inside the caves. Go down there and look to the left for a Terendelev claw fragment. After meeting with the Storyteller, show him a fragment of a claw. So you will learn about the new location. The Storyteller will mark the Terendelev Refuge on the map. Go there, fight the enemies and spare the surviving cultist.

How to unlock the mythical path of the Walking Swarm

Perhaps this is the most difficult mythical path in terms of unlocking, since you will have to do a lot of actions:

  1. Second chapter. There is no need to invite Queen Golfrey. It shouldn’t be part of the crusade. In the same chapter, after the end of the events at the location “Smile of a Leper”, ask Anevia to collect the pheromones of the Veskavor and use them in the assault on Dresen. Before the actual assault on Dresen, tell your allies to use the stored pheromones.
  2. In the third chapter, during the quest “Demonic Parasites”, you should not kill the Queen of Veskavor. And at the location “Bone Lodge” ask Zantir Wang how he managed to become the leader of the swarm. In the same location, you need to find a note from Zantir Wang, which is located in the same room as the boss himself.
  3. Back in Dresen, examine the headquarters and launch the Zantir Experiments project. In Chapter 5, during the Regicide quest, find and absorb the Veskavor Queen.

How to open the mythical path “Legend”

You can open this mythical path during the passage of the storyline of the fifth chapter. You will have to pass a test and abandon the mythical powers. In addition, the check will be much easier if you previously renounced the power in the third chapter, inside the laboratory of Arilu (do not take the book) and in the fourth chapter at the location “House of Silk Shadows”.

How to get the secret path “Mythical hero”

When you level up to the third mythical level, choose the path of Eon or Azatha. Then do whatever your mentor says along the way. Never mind that his requests will be weird. In this case, a variant with this secret mythical path will appear in the fifth chapter.


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