How to unlock all characters in Demon Slayer: the Hinokami Chronicles

The Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles roster isn’t very long, but not all characters are immediately available. If you’re wondering how to play with your favorites, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to unlock all the characters in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles .

How to unlock all characters in Demon Slayer: the Hinokami Chronicles

Most of the game’s characters can be unlocked by progressing through Story Mode. In fact, the game requires you to enter the Prologue chapter of the mode as soon as it starts. There will be no other game-related menu options until it completes.

For more details on each of the 18 characters currently available, see the table below for the unlock requirements:

character Requirement
License plate Complete the prologue
Sabito Complete the prologue
Makomo Complete the prologue
Urokodaki Complete the prologue
Nezuko Complete Chapter 2
Zenitsu Complete Chapter 4
Inosuke Complete Chapter 4
Murata Complete Chapter 5
Giyu Complete Chapter 6
Shinobu Complete Chapter 7
Hinokami tanjiro Complete Chapter 8
Rengoku Complete Chapter 8
Tanjiro Academy See 40 memory fragments
Nezuko Academy Show 53 memory fragments
Zenitsu Academy Complete 15 reward missions.
Inosuke Academy Complete 19 reward missions.
Giyu Academy Complete seven special missions on normal difficulty.
Shinobu Academy Complete seven special missions on Hard

While it’s not immediately clear how to get the characters you want, the Rewards menu will also display the silhouettes of the unlockable characters in each chapter, so those with sharp eyes can easily guess when each will join the roster.

New characters will also be added to the game in the future. So far, Lower Five Spider Demon Rui and Upper Three Martial Artist Akaza have been confirmed as the next free DLC.

Unlock characters with Kimetsu points

Some of the characters that are not tied to a simple progression can be a bit difficult to unlock. If you prefer to skip the tasks related to its natural unlocking, you can use Kimetsu Points to buy them. Each character can be purchased from the rewards menu for 4,000 Kimetsu points.

Kimetsu points are obtained by interacting with bright orange clouds like the one in the image above. These can be found in the non-combat sections of Story Mode.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock all the characters in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles . You can find even more of our Demon Slayer coverage in the related articles below.


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