How to unlock all abilities in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

How to unlock all abilities, find each Knowledge Book and upgrade your melee and ranged skills to the second level

Eivor, the protagonist of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , can be improved in several ways. In addition to the standard leveling up and distribution of skill points, you can find Knowledge Books that give melee and ranged abilities. It is for their activation that adrenaline cells are needed above the health scale.

How to find all Knowledge Books

Each Knowledge Book gives a specific ability. Moreover, for each ability there are two Books of Knowledge. That is, you can upgrade everything to the second level, having received certain bonuses. Since all of these abilities are hidden, below you will find a description of each of them, indicating what the improvement gives.

You have 4 slots for melee and ranged abilities. Melee abilities are activated by pressing the keys “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”. And to activate ranged abilities, you should additionally hold RMB (all of them are associated with the use of a bow). Some abilities can be obtained in other ways. For example, pay attention to the description of the abilities “Man’s Best Friend”, “Poisonous / Scalding Shot / Strike”.

Lore Book Locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To see the location of all the Books of Knowledge on the New England map, you need to build the cartographer’s hut and buy the corresponding maps from him. But even so, it will be difficult for you to find each Book, since almost all of them are well hidden in enclosed spaces. We’ll have to look for ways to get inside.

In addition, some Knowledge Books are on the map of Norway. There is no cartographer, and therefore you will have to search for them yourself (if you do not use our guide). There are bright golden dots on the map of Norway, indicating the location of equipment and Knowledge Books. You shouldn’t be interested in fainter gold dots.

Best ranged abilities

Poison trap

Attaches a small pouch to the arrow, from which a special powder crumbles upon impact. Any movement near the point of impact raises a poisonous cloud. An unpleasant surprise awaits everyone who comes into contact with it. Upon improvement, the trap can be activated again.

During the quest “The Path to Hamartia” you will find yourself in ruins, where you will have to blow up two walls. Go inside and go downstairs. Move through the small hole in the wall and find a pond. Dive and swim through the holes until you find yourself in a room where you can grab the oil jugs. Use these pitchers to destroy two walls. One of them is located by the reservoir, but you can go around the water along the ledges on the left and right. Behind the far wall will be a room with the Knowledge Book and the Poison Trap ranged skill.

During the quest “What’s Inside” in one of the tunnels of the cave “House of Odin” on the left side there will be a rack that you can move. Move it towards you, grab the oil jug and jump over the ledges to the far wall. Blow it up, climb from the wooden raft onto the beams and shoot at the ice (thin) wall. There will be a Knowledge Book behind it.

Fire trap

Attaches a small pouch to the arrow, from which a special powder crumbles upon impact. Any movement near the point of contact will cause the powder to ignite. When upgraded, the trap will detonate a second time.

Travel to Walden Church in the southeastern part of Groentebridshire. Inside it you can find the Knowledge Book with the ranged skill “Fire Trap”. You will also find yourself in this church through the quest “Unholy Father” of the “Song of Catfish” story arc, when you need to kill the priest.

During the main mission “Break down the defenders” in Sussex, meet with Basim and go to the indicated place. Before you do anything, go to the fortress on the left in front. Go inside and kill the commander on the second floor. Climb to the upper floor and examine the locked door. There is a shelving unit around the corner to the right. Move it and make your way into the building to find the Book of Knowledge “Fire Trap”.

Poisonous Shot

Coats the arrowhead with poison. When upgraded, a poisonous trail is left behind a flying arrow, which poisons all opponents who come into contact with it.

Scorching shot

Sets fire to your arrowhead. Anything it hits will burn. When upgraded, a fiery arc appears in front of you, which instantly sets enemies on fire.

You will receive the first and second level of skill from Hayesam when you hand over to him 6 and 15 tokens of members of the Order, respectively.

Piercing shot

A powerful shot that allows the arrow to penetrate almost any obstacle. When upgraded, the arrow’s damage is multiplied for each enemy it flies through.

You are interested in Templeborough Fortress in Leicestershire. You will enter it on the mission “Templeboro Walls” of the story arc “The Saga of Who Makes Kings.” In the fortress, go up to the upper floor and find the Book of Knowledge.

Not far from Lincoln, Lincolnshire, there is a residential building with closed doors. Climb to the roof and break the wooden planks to get inside. Go down to the first floor, destroy the wooden fence and take the jug of oil. Place it against a rickety wall nearby and blow it up. Behind this wall there will be a room with a shelving unit. Move it aside and take the key from the cache. Use the key to open the door in the main hall to get the Knowledge Book.

Death Mark

Hold LMB to mark spotted enemies. Release to unleash a deadly barrage of arrows at them. When improved, the maximum number of victims increases.

Go to Hordafylke, at the top look for the port of Alrekstad. Go to the pigsty hut and look for a note. It says that the key to the basement is missing. Use Odin’s vision to find the key in the pigsty. After receiving it, go to the suspended load and shoot at the weak point. The stones will fall down. you will be able to go into the tunnel. Go through the corridor and open the door to find the Book of Knowledge with the Marked for Death ranged skill.

In Groentebridgeshire, travel to Meldebourne in the south and kill the enemies. After getting rid of everyone, use Odin’s Sight to find the key next to the prisoners. Take it from the corpse, open the doors to the left of the cell with the prisoners and take the book.

Xiong’s red herring

Your crow, Xiuning, can distract enemies for a while. When upgraded, Xiuning first attacks the enemy to distract, and then during the battle stuns the victim.

Head to Leicestershire and in the west of the area look for Tonnastadir. It’s just below the leftmost sync point. The very territory of this camp should not be hostile. Inside the long house, find the key on the table in the far corner. After picking it up, open the map and find a “ladder” marker on the camp territory. It’s at the bottom of it. But the entrance to the dungeon is guarded, and you have to kill enemies. After going inside with the found key, go downstairs and find a chest with a hunter’s helmet in front. There is a crack in the wall on the right. Make your way through it to the Knowledge Book with the ranged skill “Shunin’s Distraction.”

In Essex, below the sync point, the Atnitum Tower (to the left of Colchester) is the Belesdun Rogue Camp. And go there! Hidden here is the Knowledge Book with the ranged skill “Shunin’s Distraction.” There is a bolted door inside the main building with a book. Exit the building and look outside for an overgrown window with wooden planks. Break the boards and shoot the bar through the window. Enter the premises through the door in the main hall.

Man’s best friend

Set your wolf on the enemy. When improved, the wolf will remain on the battlefield and continue to fight for you.

Go to Krupelgate Fortress, at the upper left border of Lunden and Oxenfordshire. The Knowledge Book with the ranged skill “Man’s Best Friend” is located behind the bolted door. Next to this building is a wooden archery tower (right next to it). Go under this tower and climb a small ledge near the wall to find an open window. Having done this, move the rack in front and jump through the hole into the room with the Knowledge Book.

Another skill level can be obtained for completing the Little Trouble quest in Ravensthorpe. Just don’t ignore the kids and help them free the wolf.

Storm of axes

Aim and hit enemies with a hail of axes. When upgraded, if all axes hit the target, a tough finishing combo is added to the attack.

From Norwick in East Anglia, head down and right to the last letter of the word England. Enter the abandoned building, climb the wall to the balcony of the second floor and pick up the Knowledge Book with the ranged skill “Ax Storm”.

In the fortress where Goodwin was kept (in the quest “Reeve Winchester”), there is a locked room on the top floor. There is a window next to the closed door. Shoot through it at the other door, the bolt. Now go up to the last floor, exit to the balcony and jump to the right. Open that very door to find yourself in the room with the Knowledge Book.

Norn Clarity

Harness the power of the norn to aim and shoot enemies at superhuman speed. When upgraded, each enemy killed increases the damage you deal.

Move to Offchurch Crypt, located in Leicestershire, near the intersection of two rivers – Alne and Arrow. When you go down into the crypt, slide the shelving on the left side and make your way into the secret room with the artifact. There is a hole in the wall opposite her. Climb through it to find the Knowledge Book you are looking for.

Travel to Bolingbroke Castle. You can get there only through the main fortress. There will be a door in the fortress. To open it, you have to kill the standard bearer who has the key (use the crow). Then shoot at the two fastenings holding the bridge and run inside the castle. Kill enemies. Do not rush to go down, because on the side there is a stand with a Knowledge Book with the “Norn Clarity” skill.

Sleep thorn

An arrow marked with the Svefntorn symbol and puts enemies to sleep almost instantly. When upgraded on hit, the arrow emits a cloud of gas that puts everyone around it to sleep.

During the quest “Abbot’s Trick”, before leaving the fortress, go up to the building just above, which is indicated by a yellow dot. Hidden inside is a Knowledge Book with the ranged skill “Sleep Thorn”. The desired location is in the lower right point of Kent, in the Dover fortress (to the east of it).

In Rygjafylk, head west from the main settlement. You are interested in Grittirsand, located on the left island with one sync point. The sync point is at the top left of the island and Grittirsand is at the bottom right. It is indicated by a yellow marker. There will be a tower here and a locked door below. To get inside, climb the stairs to the top of the tower, break the floorboards and jump down. You will find the Book of Knowledge with the ranged skill “Sleep Thorn”.

Best Melee Abilities

Dash with throw

Hold “1” for a continuous dash. During the dash, touch any enemy to grab and lift them. Throw captured enemies off a cliff or slam them against a wall for extra damage. When upgraded, Eivor can effectively finish off a stunned enemy against a wall with an additional attack.

Travel to Ravensburg, located to the bottom left of the Black Top sync point in Granthebridgeshire. In this camp you have already been in the story. Climb to the very top of the mountain, kill enemies and find a key from one of them. Open the door of one of the houses, on which the lock is hanging, and take the Book of Knowledge with the “Dash and Throw” melee skill.

Travel to Dunwick, located on the east coast of East Anglia. This is the lower part of the region, on the very outskirts (looks like a cape). Enter the fortress, kill enemies and move to the main tower. There will be a hole in the floor in the middle. But first, go to the far wall and take the key from the desk. Go down through the hole and move the shelving away from the wall. Open the door with the found key and take the supplies with the Book of Knowledge with the melee skill “Dash and Throw”.

Blinding dash

Use stamina to move unnoticed. Contact with opponents interrupts the ability. When upgraded, the ability will not be interrupted if you make a successful stealth attack.

The rightmost sync point in East Anglia has a tower. Inside it is a wobbly floor. Destroy it with a powerful attack (while holding Shift), jump down and detonate the red pitcher to break the wall. In this secret niche you will find the Knowledge Book.

Move to Sussex. In the upper left corner, above the sync point, are the ruins of Chertsey Abbey. Follow them, enter the high tower and look up. The staircase is covered with cargo. Climb the outer wall of the tower above the entrance and shoot through the window at the cargo attachment. When he falls down, enter the tower and climb to the side platform. Shoot the ladder mount. Jump onto the stairs from the beam opposite and head upstairs to find the Knowledge Book with the Blinding Dash melee skill.

Poisonous blow

Coats with poison the melee weapon in the right hand. Poisoned enemies periodically take additional damage. When upgraded, poison splashes in front of you in an arc, instantly poisoning enemies.

You will receive the first and second level of skill from Hayesam when you hand over to him 4 and 9 tokens of members of the Order, respectively.

Tyr’s kick

A powerful kick that knocks enemies back. After hitting obstacles or other enemies, the victim will receive additional damage. When improved, having received a kick, the enemies will remain helplessly lying.

In the same Jorvikshire, move down from Pickering, right across the river, and look for a bandit camp called “Thread Pass” there. Having done this, clear the area. The book is hidden in the cellar. Enter the first building on the right, go downstairs and run into the locked door. To open it, get out and climb the tower on the right. Slide down the rope to another tower. Moreover, you will need to release the rope in time to be on the tower, surrounded by stakes. Otherwise, the Viking will slide even lower. There will be a key. Open the door to the cellar with them and take the Knowledge Book with the “Tyr’s Kick” melee skill from the table.

Travel to the bottom sync point of Snottinghamshire. Follow right and down to Ulkentrop Fortress, which is nearby. The book is inside the main building of the fortress. If you go up the stairs to her through the main entrance, then you will run into a door, bolted. Return to the entrance to this building and head right. At the corner there is a device that allows you to instantly get to the roof. But you are interested in the wooden platform just above it. From it, you can jump into the open window leading to the very room (the window is on the side, not opposite the door). Above this platform there is a balcony with wicker railing. Don’t confuse them! The book contains the “Tyr’s Kick” melee skill.

Thor’s revenge

Hold “1” to build up strength for a crushing blow. It will get stronger the longer you hold the button. When upgraded, you can accumulate strength two times in a row to make an even more powerful attack.

Continue to Oxenford, located on the western edge of Oxenfordshire. There is a crypt. You need a key to open it. The key is in the next building. To get to it, climb the outer wall to the second floor and break the window. Make your way inside and smash the ceiling to reveal a movable shelving unit. But you cannot move it. Climb the outer wall even higher and break the double windows. Shoot the fasteners on the huge candelabrum. It will fall over and break the jugs, and you can move the rack. Take the key and open the adjacent building to find the Knowledge Book with the “Thor’s Vengeance” melee skill.

In Gloucestershire, in the center of the region, there is a place called “Cache of Thieves”. You are there on a story quest. Kill all opponents, jump into the moat and penetrate through it into the central building.

False death

Play as a corpse to fool your enemies. When upgraded, allows a surprise attack from a prone position.

You are interested in the camp in which you save the tens during the story quest “The Coming Rebellion” in Oxenfordshire. The required ruins should be found northeast of Oxenford. This location is called the Ruins of Li. In a large building, an elite enemy has a key to one of the doors leading to the room with the Book of Knowledge. It grants the False Death melee ability.

During the quest “The Sacrificial Lamb” in Gloucestershire, you will visit an elven forest. This is a large location and there are several caves. In one of them you can find the Knowledge Book.

Valkyrie attack

Jump high and fall on enemies from above. When upgraded, stuns enemies in a large radius from the landing site.

Go to Lolingestone Rogue Camp located in the upper left corner of the Kent region. The main entrance is closed with bars. Walk to the left of it and find the side entrance to the main building. Kill multiple enemies. The Knowledge Book with the Valkyrie Attack melee skill is located on a suspended platform. Look to the left of the passage to the previous room for the window to which the rope is tied. Climb onto the rope and use other suspended platforms and ropes to get to the book you need.

Travel to Ely Island in Granthebridgeshire and attack the local monastery if you haven’t done so before. On the other side of it there is a cliff, and below, by the water, there is a secret passage to the cave. Make your way through the cave to the lower level of the monastery and find the Book of Knowledge with the melee skill “Valkyrie Attack”.

Piercing Harpoon

Pierce an enemy with a harpoon and knock aside using WASD to select a direction. Hitting an obstacle or other enemies, the victim will take serious damage. When improved at the end of the move, Eyvor can pull the victim towards him in order to effectively deal with it.

Move to the Venonius sync point in Leicestershire. Next to the book marker will be a “ladder” icon. Move towards it, go down through the hole in the ruins down the stairs and move deeper. Break the planks, jump into the water and swim underwater to the other side. Get outside, blow up the wall with the red pitcher and take the Book of Knowledge with the Piercing Harpoon melee skill.

Travel to Colchester Essex. At the top left is the Church of St. Helena. Walk around the church and find a shelving on the side that you can move. When using Odin’s vision, a key is visible behind this wall. There will be a window behind the shelving. Break it, get inside and take the key. Enter the main hall of the church and open the side door with the key. Move the other rack to climb the stairs. Shoot another ladder at the mount and climb to the very top, where the Knowledge Book with the Piercing Harpoon melee skill is hidden.

Helheim’s Fury

In a fit of rage, knock your opponent to the ground and unleash a barrage of blows on them. To keep your balance, press Q and LMB alternately. When upgraded, the higher the clicking speed, the more damage you will deal.

Travel to Jorvik, the capital of Jorvikshire. In the lower left part of the city, behind the royal hall (analogous to a long house), there are archives. You have already visited them when you dealt with local members of the Order on a story mission and looked for a Cache. So, if you go to the archives and look at the ceiling of the first room, you will notice a suspended load blocking the path. Walk around the archives outside and climb the scaffolding. Shoot through the grate in the window at the cargo securing. Go back to the archives and shoot the ladder mount. Go upstairs and take the book with the melee skill “Fury of Helheim”.

In the eastern part of Rygjafylke, there is the Kyetvi fortress. You have already been there. There is a waterfall behind the distant house in the very depths of the fortress. Climb up the hill and in the middle of the height you will find a cave behind a waterfall. Break the ice wall in the cave and take the Knowledge Book with the Fury of Helheim melee skill.

Searing blow

Ignites the right hand melee weapon. Enemies on fire periodically take additional damage. When upgraded, an arc of fire appears in front of you, which instantly sets fire to all enemies caught in it.

You will receive the first and second level of skill from Hayesam when you hand over to him 6 and 15 tokens of members of the Order, respectively.

Dance of Throwing Axes

Throw an ax at every enemy that is in the attack radius. When upgraded, any enemy hit by the ax also gets stunned.

Before picking up King Rodri during the Assassin of Kings quest in Shyropshire’s storyline, enter the room on the right and find the red pitcher. Having done this, go to the corridor on the left and open the far door. There will be a dilapidated wall behind it. Place a jug near it and shoot. After breaking the wall, you can pick up the Knowledge Book with the Dance of Throwing Axes melee skill. If you have already completed this quest, then go to the westernmost point of Shyropshire. The palace you need is located northwest of Castlow Castle. Cross the bridge and enter the building with the golden dragon symbol above the door.

Just above Grittirsand in Rygjafylk there is the Nottfall fortress. There will be a gold marker below it. He points to the Knowledge Book with the Dance of Throwing Axes melee skill.


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