How to uninstall WPS Office updates on your computer?

When it comes to doing office work, writing documents, making presentations, there are a wide variety of tools. For example, one of the complete and versatile is Microsoft Office . The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is required to pay a plan to use it, and sometimes you do not have the resources to pay, but the WPS Office tool is a free suite.

This suite has tools such as Writer is a text editor, presentations or slides, Spreadsheets or the spreadsheet. WPS is very versatile, it supports different extensions like DOC, DOCX, WPS, PPT, XLSX and more. It is also compatible with Linux , macOS and Windows systems, but there are always compelling reasons to want to remove this tool , or you may be here out of curiosity, whatever the reason, in this article we will show you how you can uninstall it application permanently.

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  1. How can you uninstall WPS Office updates on your computer?
  2. What methods can be used to permanently uninstall WPS Office from your PC?
    1. With control panel
    2. From settings

How can you uninstall WPS Office updates on your computer?

If you want to uninstall updates of WPS Office from the computer it is a process that requires some steps, since only uninstall updates is somewhat complicated. The steps are not so simple, but if it can be achieved, let’s see what are the options available to uninstall the updates of this program:

  • Disable automatic program updates, you can do it through the control panel or using the configuration tools.
  • Disabling system updates automatically.
  • Opt for the restoration of Windows 10, to return the system to a previous point.
  • Roll back the program to a previous version, if it is still available to the system you currently use.

What methods can be used to permanently uninstall WPS Office from your PC?

Although WPS is a practical tool that helps us to carry out our work with efficiency and quality , without having to pay something for its services, some people may have had to uninstall this application from their computers for some reason, so here we will show you what There are two practical methods to uninstall WPS Office from your computer:

With control panel

Using the control panel you can access endless functions and tools that allow access to advanced settings, and also from the control panel you can customize your computer. It is from here that you can remove or repair programs. In addition, many more things you can do from the Control panel. To use this method you just have to use this path:

  1. Go to the control panel, then to Programs and finally Programs and Features.
  2. From the programs that will appear, locate WPS Office.
  3. Within WPS you must click the Uninstall or Changebutton .
  4. These steps will cause the WPS Uninstall wizard to be activated, then you must select a reason for uninstalling the application.
  5. Once the reason is selected, you must click on Submit and Uninstall, in that box that appears you confirm that if you want to uninstall, for that click on Uninstall, now it is a matter of minutes for it to be uninstalled.

From settings

Most programs have files like Setup and Unistall . The Setup is for installing the program and the second Unistall is for the opposite, uninstalling programs. Locating this file is simple, you just have to go to the location of the program on your PC’s hard drive, and from there locate the program, now you just have to follow the steps indicated by the virtual assistant, but we see the step by step:

  1. You must use the following path: you go to Start, then settings, applications and finally, Applications and features.
  2. Locate WPS Office and click on it, click the Uninstall button and click again to confirm.
  3. These steps will lead to the WPS uninstall wizard being activated, that makes us have to select a reason to uninstall the application, select one.
  4. Click Submit and Uninstall, you will see a box where you must confirm the uninstallation, so click Uninstall. In a few seconds WPS Office will be uninstalled from the computer.

In case you cannot uninstall it or you cannot find it, this information may interest you, how to uninstall a hidden program from Windows 10 completely?

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