How to uninstall the Netflix app on Roku?

Streaming television has become very fashionable in recent years. The best thing about watching Streaming TV is that you can choose what type of content you want to see, what time you want to see it and if you want you can even pause it. To watch streaming television , many people have chosen to buy a Roku TV device .

The Roku are like a kind of small encoders that allow you to watch content on platforms like Disney Plus, Star Plus, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. In short, we will show you how to uninstall the Netflix app that comes installed by default on the Roku and how to delete the Netflix folders that are stored on the Roku.

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  1. What should you do to successfully uninstall Netflix from Roku?
    1. In the Smart TV version
  2. How to remove the trash and folders that Netflix left on your device?

What should you do to successfully uninstall Netflix from Roku?

To uninstall the Netflix application that your Roku has, you need to do certain things beforehand that will allow you to uninstall the app. Roku are playback devices that allow people to watch programs from any digital platform on their TV .

These devices work in a similar way to a cell phone, it has a menu of applications which can be started to use and uninstall if they are not needed. So, if you want to remove Netflix from your channel list, it is important that you have a couple of things on hand.

When deleting Netflix you need to have an internet connection, full control of the Roku device and the last thing would be to have the Roku completely free of use. With the control of the Roku you can access the option that lets you delete Netflix , with the Roku free to use and the internet connection you will avoid having problems during the uninstallation of the program.

By the way, within the internal system of the Roku not only do you have the opportunity to delete Netflix, but there are even ways to delete other channels you have. For example, if you have Disney Plus or Star Plus and they are channels that you don’t use at all, you can delete them .

Now, leaving aside all these kinds of details , the time has come when it is important that you pay attention to the process you must use to delete Netflix.

In the Smart TV version

The Roku in its version for televisions have a fairly simple operation and menu. Therefore, it is that removing Netflix is ​​something easy :

  1. Turn on your TV and connect the Roku
  2. Now, start the Roku
  3. When starting the Roku, press the option that says ‘Home’ or ‘Start’
  4. In the next tab, you will clearly see all the channels that the Roku has. There you have to locate the Netflix channel
  5. When you find the Netflix channel, go to select it
  6. Press the button with the asterisk on the control to see the extra options
  7. To finish, select the option that says ‘Delete the channel’, confirm that you want to delete the Netflix and voila, that’s all

In this way, the Netflix is ​​deleted inside the Roku. Speaking a little more about the Roku, it is important that when buying one you see which are the best on the market . Thus, you will be able to use all kinds of channels to watch your favorite series and the movies you have been waiting for the most.

By the way, when buying a Roku TV you can open an account without using a card . With Roku TV accounts you can enjoy content from many streaming platforms. These are the platforms that can be watched for free if you open a Roku TV account:

  1. Netflix
  2. Blim
  3. Cinépolis KLIC
  4. Red bull tv
  5. Apple tv

All these platforms offer high-end content which is being updated at all times. Because of this, if you don’t have a Roku TV yet, you already have reasons to encourage yourself to buy one.

How to remove the trash and folders that Netflix left on your device?

When you remove a channel from the list of those you use every time on your Roku TV, the same device will take care of deleting everything related to that channel . However, if you have deleted the Netflix channel from your Roku TV, you don’t have to spend your time looking for Netflix folders to delete.

However, something that you can erase within the storage of your Roku TV to free up space and that can always work well is the cache. See what you have to do to clear the cache of your device :

  1. Start your TV and your Roku
  2. Enter the Roku settings
  3. Within the configuration access the option ‘System’
  4. To finish, choose the sub option that says ‘Reboot system’

When you reboot your Roku TV, all old data stored by all channels will be erased and any cache data on the device will be changed. In case you have problems clearing the cache data on your device, you should go directly to the Roku TV support website.

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