How to uninstall Pokémon Café Mix?

Pokémon Café Mix is a game developed by The Pokémon Company launched on June 23, 2020, compatible with Android and iOS system mobiles and with the Nintendo Switch console; the game. Although it is a very entertaining game; many for their part, after having it, wish to uninstall Pokémon Café Mix. If you are one of them, see how to do it in this post.

How to Uninstall, Delete or Delete Pokemon Café Mix Forever Very easy!

What is the Pokémon Café Mix game about?

It is available in several languages ​​such as: Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, French, English, Italian, Japanese and is recommended for children over 4 years old. As its name suggests, Pokémon Café Mix.

It is a game based on the famous Pokémon franchise where the player must manage a cafeteria whose clientele are Pokémons; The general objective of the game is to satisfy the requests of the characters, but in the course of it we will unlock different elements, while solving many puzzles.

The puzzles of the game are won by gathering the icons of the same type of Pokémon race, so we can receive customer orders for both food and drinks, as well as unlocking levels, improvements and recipes.

The game has a fictitious Acorns currency to buy different objects , these are unlocked in the game or when paying with real money.

What do you need to play this game?

The first thing will be to download the Pokémon Café Mix   game on your device, in the case of mobile phones you can visit the official page, or if you prefer, go to the Google Play store or Apple Store depending on whether you have an Android or an iOS system respectively.

The version of the operating system in the case of Android must be equal to or greater than 7.0; and for iPhone smartphones, the iOS version must be equal to or greater than 12. In both cases the mobile must have a 64-bit processor. In addition to 1 GB of RAM and 117.7 MB of available storage.

In the case of Nintendo Switch, we can download Pokémon Café Mix by entering the store (eShop); which we identify with an orange icon. Then we go to the search engine, we write the keywords “pokémon café”;  and immediately we will see in the result the icon with the image of the game.

How to uninstall, delete or remove Pokémon Café Mix?

After some time we may need to free up memory space on our mobile device and for that we must uninstall, delete or eliminate the Pokémon Café Mix game ; It is a very easy process and it is not very different from uninstalling any other App, then we will explain step by step how to achieve it.

In the Android operating system we just have to go to the option “Settings> Applications and notifications> See all applications” , once located there you look for the Pokémon Café Mix icon and click on it to access its file, within which you can press the “Uninstall” button.

In iOS system, uninstalling the Pokémon Café Mix game is very easy, although it may vary slightly depending on the version of our mobile; If we have an Apple iPhone or an iPad with version 10 or higher, we follow these steps:

  • We go to the main screen, look for the game icon and hold it down for a couple of seconds.
  • You will see that the icon begins to move from side to side. Then click on the “X” located in the corner of the Pokémon Café Mix icon.
  • We finish the process when we press the “Delete” button .

On Nintendo Switch, we just turn on the console and press the “A” button three times to unlock it, then we look for the image of Pokémon Café Mix and select it with the Joy-Con control. Now we click on the “+” or “-” button to display the general options and click on ” Data management” , to finish we click on “Delete the program”.

In conclusion, uninstall, delete or eliminate Pokémon Café Mix or any other App; It is something very easy, which we can do at any time and without any complications. The most important thing is knowing how to enjoy our applications; and know when we should do without them to free up the storage space of our mobile device or game console.


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