How to underline on WhatsApp

Find out how you can underline your WhatsApp messages with this trick

Next we are going to see how to underline in WhatsApp , so that you can give a differentiating touch to your messages from your favorite instant messaging app. And if you have come this far, you will wonder how to underline your WhatsApp messages ; and the answer is that you can’t, or at least from the application itself natively. So much so, that WhatsApp does not offer the option to underline the messages of the chats, so you will have to resort to third-party solutions for this. Although WhatsApp does allow you to write in bold, italic or strikethrough through rich text, it does not allow you to underline messages . Therefore, we teach you atrick so that you can underline your WhatsApp messages easily.

How to underline your WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp texts allow you to strike out or make bold and italics directly through symbols that we can write next to the words or through a pop-up window that appears after keeping pressure on the message before sending it by selecting the icon with the three dots to open more options and selecting the desired option.

Unfortunately, the same is not the case with the underline option, basically because it is not found in WhatsApp ; that is why we will have to do a little trick through a solution external to the instant messaging application. Write down this tip so that you can draw attention to your contacts or simply highlight certain parts of a message by underlining keywords.

How to write with underline on WhatsApp

As we said, WhatsApp does not allow you to write your messages underlined , but it does allow you to use other letter formats even if they are not integrated into the WhatsApp app itself. In this way, you can take advantage of third-party resources to paste them into WhatsApp and thus send more original text. And for this you can access a web page with different writing formats such as ; Follow the steps below to write underline on WhatsApp:

  1. Open the chat window where you want to send your underlined text.
  2. Now go to a web page of writing formats like com.
  3. Select the writing format, in this case, Underline.
  4. Now write the text that you want to be underlined in the upper text box of said web page.
  5. Once you have it, click on the Copybutton to the clipboard or select the text and press the key combination Ctrl + C or right click of the mouse to select the Copy option .
  6. Now access the text box of your WhatsApp chat again and paste the copied text by keeping pressure on said box and selecting the Pasteoption .
  7. You can now send the underlined message through WhatsApp.

Now you know how to send underlined messages on WhatsApp thanks to this little trick; remember that you can combine different writing formats to achieve the most original messages that surprise your contacts.

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