How to underline and cross out on WhatsApp

Writing in WhatsApp is something of the most normalized. With and without spelling mistakes. With and without emoticons. But do you want to know how to underline and cross out in WhatsApp so that your texts do surprise? With these tricks you will get your texts to attract much more attention. Something especially necessary in large groups, where the messages underlined and crossed out are much more colorful. Not to mention the bold messages. But beware, WhatsApp has other writing tricks up its sleeve that we tell you about in this article. Do not miss it. 

WhatsApp text formats have been around for quite some time. The only problem is that it is something that is not clearly displayed to users. In fact, it seems that it is hidden and that it forces you to know by heart the keys and codes that allow a text to appear underlined or crossed out or in bold on WhatsApp. Easy to use once you know it. But you will have to learn it by heart or use the Google keyboard trick, Gboard, to be able to use it when you need it most. No more messages with important information that go unnoticed. This is what you should do. 

WhatsApp texts can be underlined and crossed out with a simple code. It basically consists of using a symbol on your keyboard before and after the text that you want to differentiate. Each symbol applies an effect to the text it frames, so you have to know what those symbols are.  

  • To cross out texts in WhatsApp: write the ~ symbol  before and after the text. Example: ~ text ~. In this way, words will appear crossed out with a straight line that allows the content to be read   but below that line. It is very useful to rectify ideas that you want to show crossed out as if they were an error or simply to differentiate a message from the rest. 
  • To underline a text in WhatsApp things get complicated. And it is that this format does not exist per se, but it is necessary to bring it from other places. That is, WhatsApp is capable of displaying underlined text   but not producing it. To solve it you can go through  this page with different text formats . You just have to write the message and choose the format you want to give it. Then copy the result from the box below, go to WhatsApp and paste it into the conversation of your choice. So you will see the text underlined and ready to be sent and surprise that person. 

As you can see, it is easy to take advantage of these tools to give your texts a different touch. But beware, there are more tricks and functions regarding the WhatsApp text that you should know. 


Using bold in WhatsApp is another of the most practical resources to get noticed in a group or give important information in a message. And it is just as simple and comfortable as in the case of the strikethrough that we talked about above. You just have to know the right symbol to transform the text into that thicker and more attractive format. 

How to use bold in WhatsApp? Easy, use this symbol: * . Of course, there will have to be two asterisks to mark the beginning and end of the text that you want to make bold. Here’s an example: * text *. With this, the sent message will show characters or letters with an extra thickness that makes it more readable and visible. Above  all  if sent with plain text to highlight even more the difference. It is another of those resources that you must have located to take advantage of it at the right time. 


But beware, the text formats of WhatsApp do not end with the underlined, crossed out and bold, there are other writing tricks in WhatsApp that you will like to know if you want to attract attention among your contacts. Or simply to communicate important messages without any data going unnoticed. 

  • How to write in italics in WhatsApp: in this case the symbol you should use is the underscore _. As in this example: _text_. All the letters that go between these dashes will appear crooked in italics, with a more elegant and differentiated style compared to normal text. 
  • How to write in monospaced in WhatsApp: use this symbol before and after your text “`. Look here for the example: “` text “`. These three back quotes make your messages look like they’re from another era. It is a text format more similar to the first computers. It does not attract as much attention as the bold, but it is very useful to scare a friend and family member by pretending that you have sent an official system message instead of your own text.  
  • How to write with double underline, oblique strikethrough and other formats in WhatsApp. As we said above, WhatsApp supports other letter formats   even if it does not have them integrated into the application. In this way, we can take advantage of other resources that do have them and then take that modified text to a WhatsApp message. You can use  this web page in different formats to choose the one you prefer. You just have to write the text in the upper box and choose one of the formats you prefer. You will see the result on the screen instantly. Then copy the text from the box below, already transformed, and go to a WhatsApp conversation. With a long press and selecting Paste you will have the text with the desired format directly in the conversation. Send the message and see what the reaction is.  
  • How to change the format of WhatsApp messages comfortably. Well, if you never remember the symbols that you should use when crossing out, bold or italicize in WhatsApp, there is an easy way to do it all. And that does not imply that your memory is present in the process. You just have to write the message in the text box and, before sending it, select everything. With  Gboard  and the iPhone keyboard, different pop-up options will appear, including bold, strikethrough, monospaced, and italics. With this, you just have to select the desired format to apply it to the written text, and that’s it. WhatsApp does the dirty work and adds the necessary symbols at the beginning and end. 

Also keep in mind that you can combine different text formats in the same message . In this way you can mix normal text with bold, italic and other varieties within a message. This way you will be able to highlight only the important data within a normal message. Something very practical to avoid saturating the text and making it more readable, always paying attention to those elements that have a different format.  


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