How To Unblock Instagram Account

How To Unblock Instagram Account.If you once logged into your Instagram and found that it is blocked – do not panic! We will show you simple solutions on how to recover a deleted, blocked or stolen Instagram account without third-party services and contacting hackers.If you are reading this article, it is most likely that Instagram has blocked your account .This sometimes happens because social networks have complex policies and terms of conditions that, even if we use them in a “normal” way, we can find ourselves at some point with an unwanted sanction.Let’s see how you can know if Instagram has blocked your account and what you can do to solve this situation.

How To Unblock Instagram Account

How To Unblock Instagram Account

Regain access to your Instagram account through iPhone.

In this situation, it is your Apple ID that Instagram has banned in order to block access from that phone. Therefore, the solution to the problem lies in associating a new Apple ID with your iPhone, but let’s go through steps:

  1. Create a new Apple ID account with a different credit card than the one you used on your old ID.
  2. Make a backup of all iPhone.
  3. Now the most important step. You will have to reset your iPhone to factory settings, that is, to the settings that it brought when you bought it. To do this you must go to « Settings> General> Reset » and then select the option « Delete contents and Settings «. You must bear in mind that this will delete all the data stored on your iphone, including the applications that you have downloaded.
  4. Turn on your iPhone again and follow all the steps indicated to configure the phone again. Make sure to choose the ” Set up as a new iPhone ” option and then enter the username and password for your new Apple ID.
  5. Finally, once the configuration is finished, you will be able to download the Instagram application again. And if everything went well, you should already access your Instagram account without problem.

One consideration before starting to do what we have just explained is that your iTunes applications and songs associated with your old Apple ID cannot be transferred to your iPhone while you are using the new ID. This means that you will have to buy again all the applications and paid items that you had bought in iTunes with the old ID, if in your case you want to use them now with your new ID.

Regain access to your Instagram account through an Android phone.

In the case of an Android phone, the process is quite similar, except that instead of creating a new ID, what is created is a new Google account.

  1. Uninstall the Instagram application.
  2. Make a backup of your entire phone. Here is  a tutorial on how to do it.
  3. Reset your phone to factory state. Keep in mind that you will lose all the contacts and data on the phone, therefore you should only follow this step if you have done the backup before.
    If you have saved your contacts in your previous Google account, then you can import them later without problem.
  4. Create a new account on Google.
  5. Associate that new account with your phone.
  6. Finally, download and install the Instagram application again.

Following these steps should work, but if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, you can always resort to installing a version of CyanogenMod compatible with your version of Android. If you still don’t know what CyanogenMod is  , you can take a look at this article where we explain what it is and how it can also help you solve some problems related to video on Instagram for Android.

In short, we hope that this article will finally serve as a useful resource to help you unblock access to your Instagram account , either from Android or from iPhone. Therefore, if at any time you come across the always hated message of ” Your account has been disabled “, remember that by following the steps explained here you have many possibilities of being able to re-enter your Instagram profile from your smartphone and be able to return to use your account without problem.

Why are Instagram accounts blocked?

To save your own nerves, save your business from losses and keep customers, we recommend that you carefully read the Instagram rules, if violated, the social network can block or even delete your account irrevocably.

  • User complaints
  • Copyright infringement
  • Using gray services
  • Spam
  • Using the Instagram logo on your photos
  • Using multiple IP addresses at the same time
  • Content 18+
  • Publication of personal information
  • Illegal activity
  • Disrespect for other users
  • Publication of materials that can harm life and health

For a complete and detailed list of content that may cause your account to be blocked, see the Community Guidelines .

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