How to Unblock a Websense Internet Website

Today almost all companies have the habit of blocking access to certain web pages for one reason or another. If you need to enter one of them but you can’t, in this article we will show you how to unblock a Websense internet website step by step.

What is Websense and reasons why it blocks some web pages

When we refer to Websense we are talking about a platform integrated to Forcepoint, used by many companies, that filters the Internet traffic of the computers that are under its supervision. This powerful program or application has become an efficient way to avoid security dangers related to emails and important data in a company.

In a large corporate network, many users have access to the internal system, which is a high probability that a virus can infiltrate. And even if PCs are protected with Antivirus, this might not be enough.

If such users were allowed to freely browse the Internet or receive emails without any type of filter, the security of the company would be vulnerable to unwanted attackers. Hence, Websense becomes an essential ally of this.

Websense provides security to the information of the corporation or company, so that no hacker can steal it or have access to it. The process originates from a database that filters users’ web pages , applying a shield, so to speak, against viruses or spyware on the local computer. If you do not know what antispyware is and what it is for , we recommend that you read a little about it before continuing.

What is Websense for?

Websense controls access to confidential company documentation by scanning the image of the information that was accessed and archiving it in the database. This process will facilitate the possible reports that have to be created to analyze the activity of whoever entered the system. It also detects if a computer attacker wanted to enter to steal important data.

When it comes to emails that come with malicious attachments, Websense works as an obstacle for that damaging attempt to fail in the customer’s favor. All of this is done with the intention of providing business owners with peace of mind and answers.

So as you noticed in this short explanation, the pages or websites blocked by Websense serve a purpose , to protect the interests of the company you work for. So it is not advisable to bypass these restrictions for a program to pass the firewall , unless you have prior authorization.

If you have permission to unblock a page that has been restricted by Websense, here’s how you can do it step by step.

How to Unblock a Websense Website Step by Step

If you need to enter a website that is restricted or blocked by the Websense security program, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Open Websense.
  • Press the ¨ + ¨ icon next to ¨Custom url¨ or ¨No filter¨.
  • Choose the unfiltered category you want to use for the site or web page you need to unblock.
  • Click “Add” and enter the address of the URL in question. At this point you can add all the web pages that you need to unblock. At the end click on “Accept”.
  • Press ” Save changes” to execute the configuration you just processed.

As we mentioned earlier, ignoring the restrictions that the corporate entity you work for has implemented on certain web pages is a matter of serious consideration.

So we do not recommend that you mock them under any circumstances, except for authorization from the owner of the company. Otherwise, you could harm many, and face legal charges that would mark you as an employee.

Any attempt to filter to access sites on a website without permissions will be entirely the responsibility of the aforementioned who wants to access that website. We personally do not recommend it, even if you have previously scanned the website in question for threats .

We hope this article on how to unblock a Websense internet website has been helpful to you, and that you have become aware of the importance of following network security regulations.


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