How to turn your Snapchat app black on iPhone and Android

Mobile applications have chosen to offer their users different functions that allow a better experience when using them. And in this sense, Snapchat, a currently very popular App, takes a step forward and makes the new dark mode available to everyone. And then we will tell you how you can put Snapchat in black color on both iPhone and Android .

Snapchat is a platform that has innovated with the use of its different filters from your smartphone. But it is also possible to download, install and use the App and its filters on PC and so that you can use it without problems at night, it has implemented the dark mode. A function that will allow you to stay glued to the screen for long days.

As you know, the brightness emitted by mobile phone screens usually causes discomfort and even irreversible damage to the eyes. And this effect is more accentuated at night, when the brightness intensifies. But you will no longer have this problem, since we will indicate the steps to follow so that you can put the black color or dark mode of Snapchat on your mobile .

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  1. How can you enable Snapchat dark mode on iPhone and Android?
  2. What can you do to enable night mode in all your mobile applications simultaneously?

How can you enable Snapchat dark mode on iPhone and Android?

Dark mode is a function that is present in all applications and browsers and we can see, for example, how dark mode is activated on all pages with Chrome . But in this article we will show you how simple it will be to enable Snapchat’s dark mode and for this we will begin by indicating the steps to follow if you have a mobile with an Android operating system.

In these devices the function is still in testing and therefore not available, but if you enter the Android developer mode , you will have access to the dark mode of Snapchat. To start, go to the phone’s settings and then go to the ‘Screen’ section. The next step is to choose the option ‘Dark mode’ and in this way you will activate the function on the mobile.

The next step is to re-enter the mobile settings and there, find and select the option ‘About phone’. Now you should look for the option ‘Software information’ and then look for the option ‘ Build number’ . And on it you will press several times and in this way you will activate the developer mode.

Now you must go back to ‘Settings’ and then find and select the option ‘Developer options’. In this new window you will look for the option ‘Force dark mode’ and the next step is to set the switch to ‘On’. And voila, when you enter Snapchat you will be able to verify that the dark mode has been activated .

In the case of users who use iPhone, they will be able to activate Snapchat’s dark mode as follows. Enter and log in to Snapchat , once you are in your profile you must click on the gear icon, this to be able to enter the settings of the App. The next step is to find and select the ‘My account’ section and then press the option ‘Appearance of the application’ and now there are three options to choose from.

‘Always Light’ this option allows Snapchat to always show a light theme, the next option is ‘Always dark’. In this way, the App will always show the dark theme at all times. And finally there is the option ‘Match System’ which will obey the configuration that your phone has activated, if the dark mode is activated on the mobile it will follow it.

What can you do to enable night mode in all your mobile applications simultaneously?

In order for the night mode or dark mode to be applied in all the Apps installed on your mobile, it is necessary that you previously activate this function on the mobile . This way you will not have to do this operation in each application. Let’s see then what step we must follow to activate the dark mode on your iPhone.

The first step is to go to the ‘Settings’, then you must choose the ‘Screen’ section and then you must click on the ‘Brightness’ option. Finally, to activate the dark mode you must choose the Dark option and that’s it, this function will be active on all your mobile and installed App. In the case of having a phone that functions with Android system, you must do the following to activate the dark mode .

Enter the configuration of your mobile and enter the ‘System Settings’, the next step will be to click on the ‘Screen’ section. Here you will have the option to activate Dark or Night Mode on your mobile device. You just have to select it and that’s it, you have already enabled this function in all your installed Apps.

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