How to turn the screen of my Android cell phone upside down or automatically rotate

Initially, it should be noted that Android is an operating system used in mobile phones. In general, this system is found in devices that have a touch screen regardless of their model, whether they are tablets, mobile devices or even watches with an Android system.

In turn , this software can be used in cars, televisions and other types of machines . Android was designed by Android Inc. it is a company that was acquired in 2005 by the Google company. It should also be noted that this operating system is based on Linux and it is based on Unix.

Currently you can find a large number of devices that have Android . Similarly, there are more than a million applications that have this operating system for their operation. It should be noted that security is one of the main features that Android has.

Discover how to automatically change the screen orientation on Android

This system in turn has a wide variety of versions which seek to improve its operation and therefore new options are being added to the devices that have it. For that reason mobile devices have the automatic rotation function.

Initially, it should be noted that Android devices have the ability to change orientation , either vertical or horizontal, you choose the one you prefer. With it you will be able to find a better visualization of the contents that are on your device, in turn the vertical view is the most recommended when reading a book.

However, you can use landscape view to watch movies if you like. Therefore, the orientation position of your screen when in automatic mode changes according to the position in which you place the device.

It is important to note that Android devices already have the function to rotate the cell phone screen by default although in some cases this option does not appear.  You can also set it to rotate automatically, to lock the rotation, or to only rotate under certain circumstances. In this case we focus on the turn automatically.

So in order to control the rotation of your Android device you must use the native option of the operating system. Below we will explain two methods to be able to make these changes on your Android devices, depending on the mobile model you have.

Methods to apply auto flip on Android devices

The first option is to go to the notification panel which is located on the top panel of the device. You just have to open the panel and slide the status bar down to see the available options.

These quick settings are represented by icons which you can activate or deactivate when you select them. In turn, you must choose the one to “rotate screen” and it will be activated. From that moment the screen will have the orientation in which you place the device.

Keep in mind that when you deactivate the function, the screen will remain in the same orientation even if you move the device to change its position.

The second method is to enter the settings of the Android device, when the menu is displayed, you will see several options in which you must select the “screen” and then “rotate automatically” .

Also, to be able to deactivate or activate this function you must select it, in the same way when activating it the changes will be made when positioning your device horizontally or vertically. In this way we will establish the automatic rotation on the screen of your Android device.

Remember that when you deactivate this function, the device will maintain the orientation it is in for the moment you change its position.

Finally, it should be noted that to be able to know how to turn or turn the screen of your device upside down is a simple procedure that you could use at some point. For this reason it is important to know the methods to achieve it.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. We’d like to hear your opinion. Do you know of another method by which the screen of an Android device can be automatically rotated? Leave us your answer in the comments.


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