How to turn the mouse pointer into a laser for Power Point presentations

Power Point offers us an unsurpassed service to make our presentations . Among the options offered by this Microsoft office suite is to convert the mouse pointer into a laser to use it while we display the information. Since we are standing in front of an auditorium full of people to present information that we have assembled in Power Point, we want to do our best.

How can we make this work? You will surely be interested to know. This way you will stand out in front of any audience that listens to you.

Power Point, the preferred tool for presentations

We have Power Point on our computer; This application’s main function is to create and personalize multimedia presentations from slides that we are building.

We can start with the blank sheet, but predesigned templates that can be downloaded are also available, which make our work a little easier. As we do it, there is the possibility of personalizing the information by adding transitions and animations.

After having put in everything that we are going to show and having used our imagination , we will have what we could call a masterpiece.

To present it in front of our audience, it will be necessary an image projector with which the information will gain greater breadth and visibility. Without a doubt, there will be points that we want to attract people’s attention; This is where the laser pointer comes in.

Turn the mouse pointer into a laser to point your slides

The office suite, with its Online version , has incorporated a functionality since 2010 that transforms the figure of the mouse cursor, so that it is a laser pointer. Once we have entered Powerpoint and opened our document and projected the image, we use the function. We just have to hold down the “Control” (Ctrl) key and then hold the left click.

We can move with this mouse laser pointer, while holding the buttons, anywhere in the image that we want to focus. This has always been a good way to get the audience to pay attention to that special part of our presentation. When you release the keys, the pointer will revert to its normal shape, which is usually an arrowhead.

If we want the audience to not see the mouse pointer but rather the laser figure, before moving to the place to be shown we hold down the ” Ctrl ” key . This will allow the cursor to be hidden and we will have a cleaner presentation. This tool, without a doubt, can get us out of trouble in case we forget a physical laser at the moment.

Modify the color of the laser pointer

By default, the color of the laser pointer that Powerpoint offers us to make presentations is red. This makes some slides with similar colors not very visible. But we can change it to green or blue by going to the “Slide show” tab to view the “Settings” section.

While there, we press ” Slide show settings ” and we will see the “Show settings” dialog box where we click “Presentation options”. Being here, we select the color that we want the laser to have and click on accept.

Converting the mouse pointer into a laser for PowerPoint presentations is not a complicated task at all. This is a valuable and didactic tool, which combined with the creativity that you put into your Power Point presentations will be of greater impact for its beneficiaries . We hope we have helped you to know how to apply this function when making public presentations or exhibitions. Share this information with your acquaintances.


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