How to turn on the sound on Facebook notifications on my iPhone?

There is no doubt that one of the most iconic phone models in the world since they appeared is the iPhone brand belonging to the Apple company. This brand was the first to implement the touch system in phones successfully, so it is a reason to do the best when it comes to creating phones.

The iOS operating system brings many functions and it is very easy to get used to it, since it has very versatile functions and it is very easy to customize it. Another of the best adaptations they have are notifications, since you can adjust them in the best possible way for your tastes. That is why in this tutorial we will tell you how you can activate Facebook Push notifications on your iPhone, regardless of the version of the operating system you have.

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  1. Why aren’t the notifications reaching your iPhone?
    1. You deactivated them by mistake
    2. You have no coverage
  2. How to re-enable Facebook push notifications?
  3. How do you configure which notifications you want to receive and which not?

Why aren’t the notifications reaching your iPhone?

Probably if you have an iPhone phone it is not receiving Facebook notifications in the expected way. You may have noticed this because you have entered the application and you have seen that you have several notifications on the bell icon, but you were not notified or alerted and you want to solve this problem quickly.

You deactivated them by mistake

The first reason why this has happened may be that at some point you inadvertently disabled the notifications for this application, so it has happened that you are not receiving any alerts when a friend uploads a tag post on something or someone adds one new history.

That is why we recommend that you reactivate Push notifications as quickly as possible so that you can continue to be alerted when one of your friends publishes something or is tagged in a publication. But if you do not know how to activate them again, continue here to see how to achieve it.

You have no coverage

The biggest reason why most of the time you don’t receive any of your Facebook notifications is because you may not have a good internet connection. So it is impossible for your phone to notify you about things that have happened on Facebook , since it has not had a connection. If you discover that it is for this reason, the only thing we can advise you is that you ensure that your phone always has an internet connection either through mobile data or via Wi-Fi.

How to re-enable Facebook push notifications?

Now, so that you can activate and deactivate Facebook push notifications on your iPhone you will have to do this. First of all, unlock your phone and head to the applications menu. Now you will enter settings and look for the section called ‘Notifications’. Here you will see all the applications from which you can receive notifications, so you will look for the Facebook one and enter there . Then, you are going to click on activate notifications and you will begin to be informed of everything that is done on Facebook.

How do you configure which notifications you want to receive and which not?

Now that you know all this about the notifications of the Facebook application, we will show you how you can activate these notifications again so that you are aware of what is happening on Facebook without having to be in the app all day.

First of all, you will enter Facebook from your iPhone and you will go to the application menu by pressing the three lines that are at the bottom of the screen . Now go into settings and privacy and then click on settings. Then, among all these choices, go to ‘Notifications’.

Here you will be able to order any configuration regarding notifications and you can even activate and deactivate notifications whenever you want.

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