How to turn on the power in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the zombies are back and this time the zombie map is called Die Maschine. We have prepared this guide so that you know how to activate the power in the zombie map of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Die Maschine.

How to turn on the power in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

So in Die Maschine, you will have a lot of things to do, like unlocking the Pack a Punch machine, along with the main objective, which is to turn on the power.

You will have to complete multiple objectives in Cold War Zombies Die Maschine and you will have to do it while fighting various types of zombies along the way.

Money is required
You will need money to overcome various objectives in Cold War Zombies.

There will be many doors to open and many barricades to remove and they will all cost some money, so make sure you have around $ 8,250 in cash before you hit the Die Maschine grounds.

This money will help you open doors and remove barricades. A total of four barricades and three gates across the entire Maschine map, to be exact.

Once you have the money, you don’t have to worry about anything else or level as there are no other specific requirements.

Doors and Barricades
Once you get started, go to the door with a bunny and a pink color and you will need $ 500 to open it.

Go to your right; once inside and in the next room, there will be debris covering the stairs.

You will need $ 750 to clear the debris from the stairs and climb. Here you will have another barricade on your left.

This area is called “The Penthouse”. All stopping points have a large X so you will easily know the location.

This barricade will require $ 1000 to pass, pay the amount, and jump from there.

You will then see another stone barricade right in front of you and you will have to pay $ 1250 to open it.

Walk even further as you search for all the zombies around and you will soon reach the front door of the bunker where the power button is located.

You will notice that all the blocks cost more and more as you get closer to your goal.

This bunker door barricade will cost you $ 1500 to open and you will only have two more doors left to reach your goal.

The next thing will be a closed door in Medical Bay, as things start to get dark around here. Open this again for $ 1500.

Now you only need one door to complete the Die Maschine area of ​​Blops Cold War.

After the door of the medical department, enter the particle accelerator and you will immediately get the location of the power button in the control room.

Opening the door to the control room will cost $ 1750, after which you will have access to the power button.

The power button itself will cost nothing, so go to the main controls near the window and turn on the power in Die Maschine.

You will now have some perks and options to upgrade your stuff, so grab what you can.

This is all from the guide on how to turn on the power in Die Maschine in CoD Cold War.



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