How to turn off the sound of text on an iPhone

The iOS 15 update seemed to me one of the most boring ever. Yes, there seem to be innovations, many different interesting features have been brought in, but in fact, I only use a couple of them. The reason is quite simple: they are all buried deep in the settings, where you do not want to climb at all. In the end, if you have such a desire, you can safely buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and drown in the sea of ​​different system parameters right up to the purchase of a new device. Sounding notifications is another function that, in my opinion, should be turned off immediately after notifications.

The announcement of notifications in iOS 15 only interferes with the use of technology.I am sure that most of the editorial office is updated to new versions of operating systems at night. During the day, all the equipment is in use, you cannot fall out of reality for a minute. Plus, all updates usually come out in the evening in Moscow. So you can jump into the first car of the test subjects, and always stay in touch.

One fine morning, I woke up, stuck AirPods in my ears and, as usual, turned on my favorite playlist in Apple Music . Suddenly you hear Siri: Ivan Gerasimov is sending you a message. There was no limit to indignation. The whole ritual is down the drain. Well, it’s useful to understand the Settings.

Reading messages with Siri

Let’s get it clean right away. The phrase Voice assistant is poorly applicable to Siri. In many cases, it hinders rather than helps. Accidental taps from iPhone and Apple Watch make the function simply unbearable. When I talked about Siri’s tricks, many users hailed the article in the comments and said that they had long ago given up using the assistant.

Siri still doesn’t provide cool features. It’s a pity.

With iOS 15, another useless feature has been added – Voice over messages. Its essence is as follows: when you use AirPods, Beats, or are driving a CarPlay-enabled car, Siri will play a sound signal, announce the sender’s name and read the message. If its text is too long, she will just say the name of the sender. And in the case when there are several notifications, the assistant will read them out continuously, which is terribly annoying.

Then, after the voiceover, they will listen to you for a while to get further guidance. When you finish your phrase, Siri will repeat it and ask if you want to send this message. Please note that this function only works with a locked device.

The feature works on devices with iOS 15, iPad OS 15. You can see the list of supported headphones below. It is noteworthy that there are no brand new AirPods 3 on the list . So there was another reason to buy them. But seriously, the article , most likely, was simply forgotten to update. Owners of the third generation, please write down in the comments how this is.

List of earbuds that support Announcement notifications.

Turn off sounding notifications

I never cease to be amazed at the translators who work in the Russian-speaking Apple. Agree, none of us in our life would have thought of calling the Notification Announcement feature . What could be more illogical? Be that as it may, I think that many users will want to disable it, because there is little sense. And if you have an Apple Watch, consider it not at all.

To disable Announcement of notifications on iPhone , you need to:

  • Unlock your smartphone, go to Settings.
  • Next, go to the Notifications section.
  • Then we tap on Announce notifications.
  • Turn off the toggle switch on top.

Settings, Announcement of notifications.

In addition to the On / Off function, there are some settings here. For example, you can turn off notifications when connected to headphones, and leave it in case you are driving. There is also a counter with Answers without confirmation . It can be used to prevent Siri from reading the message you want to reply.

Plus, you can put voice acting on each application separately. For example, it is a more or less tolerable idea to add Yandex Go or Uber to the list so as not to miss an approaching taxi or connect voice-over to the mobile operator’s application, which will remind you to put money on your phone. Personally, I haven’t found the feature yet.

Did you like the new Notification Announcement feature on Apple devices? Have you already found a competent application for it? Be sure to share your opinion in our Telegram chat or in the comments below. It will be interesting to read.

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