How to turn off the engine failure warning light

The more modern they are, the more they indicate everything that is wrong: this is how cars have modernized over the years.
But there are warning lights that also date back to the first production cars, and we are talking specifically about the engine warning light .

What does it indicate? Is the car really going to break down? Let’s find out together.

Engine failure warning light: what it indicates

The various lights and warning lights on the panel always tell you something related to the operation of the car and the engine failure warning light is no different. When it lights up and flashes (or is permanently on), what should you do?

Meanwhile, you need to understand what is wrong with the car : usually this indicator brings to your attention various problems, which specifically can vary from ignition, to starting the engine, to power supply.

In general, it indicates the presence of some malfunction on the engine management, exhaust system or on the acceleration pedal sensor, but once the problem has been identified, how can you do to turn off the warning light on?

If the machine tells you that something is wrong, it is always good to take it to the workshop , avoiding traveling unnecessarily with the engine failure light on : the consequences, which vary according to the type of problem encountered, can also be disastrous.

Engine failure warning light: how to turn it off

It is always advisable not to proceed independently to turn off an engine warning light, but to go to an authorized workshop or to your trusted mechanic, where this problem will be solved together with the repair.

Engine failure warning light: other ways to turn it off

There are alternative methods (and always not recommended ) to turn off the engine warning light yourself.

The system is simple: disconnect the vehicle battery, but remember that this quick procedure may also erase the memory of the radio and other car components.

After detaching it, proceed as follows:

  • press the horn continuously for 30 seconds to discharge the residual electricity of the capacitor;
  • wait at least 15 minutes;
  • restore the accumulator wiring.

At this point the codes should be cleared and the engine warning light should go out, but beware: you have not solved what caused the warning light to come on and, if the problem persists, it will come back on.

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