How to turn off speech recognition in Windows 10

Today we will see a simple tutorial for you to learn how to disable speech recognition in Windows 10 in an extremely simple way and in a few steps. Voice recognition allows us to speak with Cortana , the Windows assistant and also with different applications available for the operating system. In this way we can speed up our times and be more productive.

Many people also need speech recognition to be able to use their computer for disability problems, etc. However, on many occasions you may not even use it, you do not need it and much less want to have it activated .

Turn off speech recognition Windows 10

  • The easiest way to disable it is to simply go to ” Windows Settings ” from the start menu by pressing on the gear icon.
  • After this you will simply have to go to Privacy> Voice> Voice recognition .
  • Here all you have to do is move the switch so that it is ” Off “.
  • In this way, voice recognition is disabled and we will not be able to use Cortana or any application that needs to recognize our voice.

However, do not worry if you are using applications such as Skype or Discord , since we can continue to use these apps without any kind of problem.

How to disable speech recognition in Windows 10

There is also another method to disable this option. It is a bit more complex to do it, but we leave it to you below:

  • The first thing you will do is go to ” Start ” or press the ” Windows ” key on your physical keyboard to open the OS menu.
  • Now you have to type “Control Panel” and hit enter.
  • To make it easier, type in the search box at the top right ” voice ” and then click on ” Speech recognition .”
  • Next, you will have to click on ” Advanced voice recognition options ” located on the left side bar of the screen.
  • A window opens where you will have to go to the ” User Settings ” section.
  • Here you will have to disable a few options: Run speech recognition at startup, check documents and emails to improve accuracy.
  • Then you will have to click on the ” Apply ” button and now on ” OK “.
  • The next thing you are going to do is restart your device. Once you turn it back on you have to check that everything is disabled.

How to disable speech recognition in Windows

The voice recognition function of Windows is quite useful for many people, since in this way they can control the computer using voice commands. Although not all of us are used to doing it this way, having this option activated is not necessary.

With voice recognition you can even dictate text to the PC, although we must be too clear and precise for the text to be correct. But for those people who have certain disabilities, voice recognition is a necessary tool to control your computer.

But as you can see, deactivating it is not a complicated process at all and in case you don’t use it, then it is best to leave it permanently disabled. Likewise, if at any time you want to activate it again , simply repeat the steps, just keep the options activated: Run speech recognition at startup, review documents and emails to improve accuracy.

If you still have any kind of doubt about how to disable or deactivate speech recognition in Windows 10 , you can leave it a little further down in the comment box so that we can just help you solve it.


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