How to turn off Nintendo Switch from the controller

You recently purchased a video game console due to the pandemic. But you have some doubts about it when it comes to the use of its controls. In the case of having a Nintendo Switch, it is important that you know in detail how this equipment works. It is for this reason that we will explain how you can turn off or deactivate your Nintendo Switch from the parental control or remote .

Although at first glance it may seem that the functions of the Nintendo Switch are difficult to understand, in the following article we will prove that this is not the case. In addition, this type of consoles has extraordinary characteristics such as linking with Discord accounts . And one of them allows you to control the device through its controls and it is also possible to turn it on or off.

Nintendo Switch is a console with which you can play in different modes and it is even possible to update the console to its latest version. It is also possible to log into different popular games such as Fortnite. Therefore, if in your case you have a console of this type, we will teach you what you must do to turn off or deactivate the Nintendo Switch from the controller.


  • How to turn off or deactivate a Nintendo Switch from the controller
  • Steps to turn off or deactivate a Nintendo Switch from the controller

How to turn off or deactivate a Nintendo Switch from the controller

Being able to deactivate or turn off the console from the control is a very practical function for us, since we will not need to get up from our seat to press the button and turn it off. Currently this video game brand is having the opening in the home of millions of users in the world thanks to its new hybrid consoles.

Yes, this is a technological innovation with which you can enjoy your favorite game from your home TV like a traditional console. Or you can take it wherever you want, as it becomes a portable console. Its versatility is proven and this type of system has received many positive comments.

As for the controls used by the Nintendo Switch console , they contain other secrets, since they can perfectly be used on a personal computer. Of course, for this it will be necessary to make certain configurations. Now let’s see how we can turn off the video game console from the controller.

Steps to turn off or deactivate a Nintendo Switch from the controller

If you are a new user of Nintendo Switch, you should not know that when you use the video game console, when you stop using it for a certain time, it will go into sleep mode . This is done as a security measure and to prevent failures in your system. Therefore, if we want to turn off the Nintendo Switch correctly, it will be necessary for you to follow these steps.

In this case, you will need to access the system menu and for this you just have to press the power button and hold until an options menu is displayed on the screen. In our case we are going to choose “Shutdown options”. And this will contain the following options “Restart the computer” “Standby mode” “Turn off console”.

In our case, it is evident that the option “Turn off console” will be selected and the system turns off completely, thus avoiding possible failures in the future. You realize how simple and easy it is to apply a function as simple as turning off the Nintendo Switch from the controller.

It is important that you understand that there is no way to turn on the video game console from the controller . Therefore, it will be necessary for you to go over and turn it on before sitting down to enjoy hours of fun in front of your television.

And in this way as simple and fast as merging a Fortnite account on your video game console. We have finished this didactic and interesting article that could teach you how you can turn off or deactivate your Nintendo Switch from the control or parental control completely.


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