How to turn off comments on Instagram


  • 1Hide comments on all posts
  • 2On new publication
  • 3Block for one person
    • 1Android
    • 2iPhone
    • 3Via computer
  • 4Limited access
  • 5Comment Filters

Today we will analyze all possible ways to disable comments on Instagram from your phone and computer. Limiting the circle of persons who are allowed to leave a personal opinion under your publications is a rather useful function that allows you to fully manage your personal account.

Hide comments on all posts

Closing comments on posts at once is impossible without imposing additional restrictions. Here’s one of the options:

  1. Open the main settings for the application and account.
  2. Go to the ” Privacy” tab .
  3. Here, pay attention to the section ” Account privacy“, click on it.
  4. It remains to activate the ” Private account” – only people approved by you will be able to view and comment on your photos and videos.

On new publication

It is possible to set restrictions on leaving notes as a new photo is being prepared for publication.

  1. After taking a new photo and applying the necessary filters to it, stop at the last window before publishing and pay attention to the small inscription: ” Advanced settings“.
  2. By clicking on it, the setting ” Disable comments” will appear .

Block for one person


  1. Go to the settings again. Section “Privacy”,then ” Comments “.
  2. We are interested in the ” Block comments from” parameter .
  3. Having opened this setting, we enter in the appeared field for entering a nickname or the name and surname of the person from whom we no longer want to receive comments.


  1. We tap on the ” burger” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. In the small drop-down menu, select ” Settings“.
  3. Here we are interested in the section ” Privacy and Security”, finding it, click on ” Manage Comments “.
  4. It remains to select the ” Block comments from” option .
  5. And in the window that appears, enter the person’s data.

Please note that people will not receive notifications that you have blocked them, and the messages they have left will simply disappear.

Via computer

The version of Instagram for personal computers cannot boast of a lot of functions, but it is possible to block comments on posts for a person using a PC.

  1. We open the official Instagram website and log in there.
  2. Open the post where the person left an unnecessary comment and go to his profile.
  3. Find and click on the ellipsis next to the ” Subscriptions” button .
  4. A small window will open where you will need to select ” Block this user“.

After completing these points, the user will no longer be able to leave posts on posts.

Limited access

It will allow you to temporarily add the user to the circle of persons with limited access. By adding a person to the list, you can personally approve or disapprove of the comments written by him, as well as hide the status of the correspondence.

  1. To set up limited access, go to the settings section.
  2. Go to ” Confidentiality“.
  3. In the contact section, pay attention to the item ” Accounts with limited access“.

Comment Filters

We recommend that you pay attention to the function of the spam filter, which allows you to maintain a list of forbidden words. As soon as the user uses one of them when commenting, a special bot will automatically erase the message. Let’s figure out how to find it.

  1. We go to the settings menu, for this we tap on three horizontal stripes in the personal profile section.
  2. We find the item ” Confidentiality“.
  3. In the next window, click on the ” Comments” item .
  4. The function ” hide insults” is set by default, but just below there is a ” manual filter “. We recommend that you activate it and enter annoying keywords there.

Now you know how to disable comments on Instagram using both mobile operating systems and a personal computer. We recommend that you set the privacy settings immediately after registration, so you can avoid negative emotions from the application.

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