How to turn off AVG when it crashes your computer

Use an AVG rescue CD to handle an AVG crash

AVG Antivirus is a family of antivirus software. Users have complained that AVG occasionally drops their Windows computers. If you search for “AVG crash”, you will find more than half a million hits on Google. The systemic problem of AVG breaking into Windows computers is almost an annual occurrence. If there is an accident with your computer, this is how to repair it.

Repairing a PC Crash

The best way to recover from a computer crash caused by the AVG software is with an AVG rescue CD or flash drive.

  1. Make an AVG rescue CD from a fully functioning computer.
  2. Use the newly created AVG Rescue CD to start the cracked computer.
  3. After launching the AVG rescue CD, open UtilitiesFile Manager .
  4. Using the AVG Rescue CD File Manager, navigate to the appropriate hard drive-usually / mnt / sda1 /.
  5. Next, navigate to the AVG directory, which is usually found under C: \ Program Files \ grisoft \.
  6. Rename the AVG directory.
  7. Close File Manager, remove the AVG Rescue CD and restart the computer normally.
  8. You can then reinstall AVG and update the definitions to a version that does not cause system crashes.

Mac crashes

Most random AVG crashes occur on Windows computers . With the Mac version of the software, accidents occur, but less often and usually not randomly. In most cases, the accidents that happen on Mac happen when the Mac system software is upgraded. Apple has quickly solved the problem with a new upgrade in the past.


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