How to turn off annoying sounds on Kindle Fire?

The way of reading books has also changed with Amazon’s new device, Kindle Tablet , which is a fairly affordable device with built-in features to delight you while you use it. But despite its genius, and technological quality, it has some unpleasant details, such as the startup sound. But you can silence this sound and enjoy your reading.

If you are interested in knowing how you can deactivate the annoying sounds of Kindle Fire and use the Quiet Time mode, do not detach yourself from this article, because we will tell you how you can do it without so many complications and get the most out of this device that has revolutionized the market . of technology.

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  1. Why is it important that when using Kindle Fire you have a quiet environment?
    1. Improve the reading environment
  2. Is it possible to customize Kindle Fire sounds and notifications?
  3. What is the reason that the startup sound keeps repeating?
  4. What are the steps to disable Kindle Fire startup sound easily?
  5. How can you activate ‘Quiet Time’ mode when using Kindle?

Why is it important that when using Kindle Fire you have a quiet environment?

Technology and its advances have adapted to changes, thinking about it is that they precisely design devices and electronic devices that allow satisfying the requirements of consumers. So you can not only buy a mobile but also a Tablet.

One of these devices is the Tablet designed by Amazon, we refer to the Kindle Fire. But what is Kindle and how does it work? This device is characterized by being a book reader , you can read, buy and save electronic books. In addition to other functions that it has and you can explore. But it is important that when using Kindle Fire you have a quiet environment, look at the reason.

Improve the reading environment

It is obvious that in any reading process concentration is required to understand what is read and better enjoy reading, which is why it is necessary to have a quiet environment, without distracting noises. And the Kindle Fire device has sounds, especially the startup sound that plays continuously and that can annoy you a bit and take your attention away from what you’re reading.

So you must locate a pleasant and quiet space. But aside from sound, you can take advantage of other features that will help you read well, like changing the screen orientation when reading on a Kindle . But there are other sound options that you can easily adjust and here we will explain it to you.

Is it possible to customize Kindle Fire sounds and notifications?

The Kindle Fire Tablet is truly adaptable, with many of its features you can configure and customize. The startup sound that is constantly heard on your Kindle Fire, although at the moment you cannot definitively and directly eliminate it, if there are other options that are modifiable. We are talking about the sounds of notifications. Not only can you adjust the ringer, but you can also customize them.

You must enter Settings, there scroll through the menu and select the Personal option and then click on Sounds and notifications. You can see the list of notification sounds that you can adjust. You can choose to lower the volume or mute the sound of notifications. On the other hand, you can also set the language of your Kindle Fire Tablet easily.

What is the reason that the startup sound keeps repeating?

Without a doubt, Kindle Fire represents a novelty in the electronic market, especially for lovers of reading, who have applauded and gladly accepted this new Tablet design, where they can read and obtain more books that they can collect in their digital library within the device.

But if you want to know why that startup sound keeps repeating over and over and over. We tell you that this sound is produced when you start the device but it remains active and every time it is reproduced, awakening alteration and becoming a true torment in the user, especially since the Kindle Fire device does not have an option where that can be disabled. noise so unpleasant that it prevents enjoying the moment of reading without distractions.

What are the steps to disable Kindle Fire startup sound easily?

Although your Kindle Fire Tablet does not have an option that allows you to directly disable the startup sound, when you press a button within the functions of the Tablet, but if you have another option to silence that sound, the startup sound which It is constantly repeated and causes a lot of discomfort, especially when reading. Take a hard look at what you need to do to finally eliminate that disconcerting distraction.

You are located in Settings, click on Personal and locate the option of Sounds and notifications. In that window several functions will appear to modify the volume, choose the System and notification volume option and the slider button, move it to the left and in this way you will be removing the volume from your device and when you start your Kindle, you will not hear that sound.

How can you activate ‘Quiet Time’ mode when using Kindle?

This Kindle Fire device has technological elements that make it attractive, such as its internal memory, internal processor and screen. Other interesting aspects are the applications that it has and that are available to users. But definitely reading a good book with Kindle makes a difference. And if you want to increase the level of tranquility to be able to have a pleasant time while you read, you can do it. How is it possible?

Activating the Quiet Time mode, which in Spanish means time of silence. This feature allows you to set a quiet time to read without anyone disturbing you. According to your preferences, you can set the configuration in Quiet Time mode, by doing so, while you are reading you will not receive any distractions, just like when you are in your break time, because with this option you will have paused the notifications for a moment.

And that period of time is decided by you according to your scheduled reading schedule. You can also change the way the system notifies you about an event using text only. Get your Kindle Fire device, which is available in the Amazon virtual store .

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