How to turn Edge Chromium notifications on and off?

Edge Chromium notifications are quite useful when we want to be aware of important events when opening this popular browser . However, it is not pertinent to receive a lot of notifications that saturate the team all the time.

That is why there are ways to avoid this type of situation when using the function to activate or deactivate silent notifications. If you want to work more relaxed on your computer, learn how to carry out this procedure with a few simple steps. Only in this way, you will get rid of these that sometimes have nothing good to offer you.


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  1. What kind of content does Edge Chromium use to send notifications to its users?
  2. How can I tell if Edge Chromium notifications are on or off?
  3. Procedure to enable Edge Chromium notifications on my PC
    1. Granting permissions on websites
    2. From the browser settings
  4. What steps should I take to disable Edge Chromium notifications?

What kind of content does Edge Chromium use to send notifications to its users?

In case you do not want to permanently remove Chromium from your computer , you can choose to mute the content of notifications . Generally, these notifications are notices that appear while you are browsing. It is worth mentioning that on many occasions they hinder your experience on the web.

Imagine that you have your WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp accounts open in the browser from your mobile and thousands of notifications start arriving, it would be frustrating. This is why Edge Chromium focuses on balancing things for platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Slack. Which must be activated when the user wants it.

How can I tell if Edge Chromium notifications are on or off?

If Edge Chromium works as your browser of choice, you might want to know if notifications are on or off . Only, these options do not appear on the screen automatically, so it is not so easy to view them.

In order to do so, you have to access the Microsoft Edge configuration panel and go to the section that says System and performance . From there, you’ll see a switch to help you turn the Fast Startup alternative on or off. So move the switch at your convenience.

Procedure to enable Edge Chromium notifications on my PC

This procedure will allow you to be informed at all times of these notices.  So, if you don’t feel uncomfortable receiving these notifications, we’ll show you the steps to fulfill this purpose in a matter of a few minutes.

Granting permissions on websites

If you want to grant permissions on the websites you are interested in receiving notifications on in the browser, the first thing you should do is access the menu that says Settings . The next step is to navigate through the panel until you find the option that says ‘Site permissions’. Then click on in the Notifications section.

By doing this, you will see that various alternatives appear, such as asking before sending or requests for notifications disabled. If you activate either of the two switches, you can already start viewing the notifications on the screen . If you want, you can click Add to add more web addresses than are allowed.

From the browser settings

On the other hand, you can enable notifications from the browser and for this it is important that you position yourself on the Configuration section through the three points at the top of the screen. Once the menu drops down, click Site Permissions and then Notifications.

Immediately, you will notice that an option appears that says Silent notification requests and it only remains for you to enable it.

What steps should I take to disable Edge Chromium notifications?

You might be one of those people who don’t want to get a bunch of notifications every time they launch their Edge Chromium browser. Therefore, you can disable notifications if you have updated Windows 10 and if you want to get a little more peace when browsing.

The first step to follow is to open your browser and position yourself on the three points that appear at the top of the screen. Next, you must click on the Settings section and when the new menu appears, choose the alternative that says See advanced settings.

Later, you will come across the Notifications tab.  Indeed, click there and then on Manage to display the list of pages to which you have given your consent. Therefore, deactivate those that you are no longer interested in receiving and adjust to your personal taste.

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