How to turn airplane mode on or off in Windows 7, 8 and 10

If you are one of the users of the Windows operating system in any of its versions, it is good that you are aware of the airplane mode that can be easily activated or deactivated. Since this modality is usually used on Android devices such as iOS, but it is also perfectly valid for computers.

How to Turn Airplane Mode On or Off in Windows 7, 8 and 10 What is Airplane Mode?

Thanks to the activation of airplane mode, you will stop receiving those annoying notifications that usually appear at the times when we are most busy. In this way, you will be able to continue enjoying to the maximum all the functions that Windows offers us, such as, for example, importing or exporting text files in the Excel program, which does not require an Internet connection to be able to use it.

So we invite you to stay so that you learn everything related to the subject and know the precise way to activate or deactivate this type of function that you surely did not know and that today you will learn completely.

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  1. What is airplane mode in Windows and what functionality does it have?
  2. Instructional Method to Turn Airplane Mode On or Off on PC
    1. How to enable airplane mode in Windows
    2. How to disable airplane mode in Windows

What is airplane mode in Windows and what functionality does it have?

It is an excellent function that allows you to restrict those signals that the computer usually receives constantly, all of this without having to stop what you are doing at the moment within the programs offered by the Windows system itself.

Therefore, you will be able to continue enjoying all the programs already installed on the PC without any major problem. That is why you will have the option, for example, of creating interactive presentations in the PowerPoint program or you will be able to write texts and documents in Word.

The only downside to this is that you don’t have the ability to update your social media pages or perform tasks online. Since when activating airplane mode on the PC, the Internet connection service is usually suspended for the period of time in which you have the function activated and it will not resume properly until you deactivate it.

However, it is convenient to use this tool, since if you are in a meeting, it is important to pause the notifications that can bother you at the most important moments. It is also very useful in case you travel by plane and do not want unwanted interference to be generated.

Instructional Method to Turn Airplane Mode On or Off on PC

Knowing how to activate or deactivate offline mode on your computer will be very useful for those times when you need emails or instant messaging not to interrupt what you are doing at the moment. So we invite you to read the following section so that you learn the correct way to do it.

How to enable airplane mode in Windows

For this, the first thing you will have to do is access the taskbar of your computer and press the Start button. Next, you are going to locate yourself in the magnifying glass that appears at the bottom and that allows you to search and you will write the following: Mobility center.

Now, you will be able to see the result of the application you just searched for, so you need to click on Windows Mobility Center to from there choose the option of Activate connection, which appears in the Airplane mode box. By doing this, the system will be completely offline for you to perform your tasks.

How to disable airplane mode in Windows

When you have finished your meeting or the activity that you have decided to carry out, it is pertinent that you deactivate this option so that you can communicate with the world through the Internet connection again. So now what you have to do is follow the same route that we indicated before, but disable the alternative regarding the connection. In addition, you can also comply with this by accessing the Settings panel from the start button.

When you are there, you will search for Network and Internet and click on this option where a menu will appear in which you must search for Windows Mobility Center so that you can see the airplane mode option. So it remains for you to deactivate it so that you can have wireless connections again, which you can configure at any time.


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