How to translate words from English to Spanish by selecting them in Google Chrome

Today, knowing only one language can be a huge obstacle for many. Modernity has brought with it the confluence of different languages ​​in the television programs that we see daily and in the products that we consume daily.

That is why it is so important for many to learn at least English, in a time when much of what we come to see can be written in another language.

This is something that especially applies when we are on the internet. It is almost impossible not to be able to find content that is in another language. Ultimately, the internet is the place where people from all over the world go, and they seek to upload content in their language or interact with other people.

So if you are Spanish-speaking, it is a matter of time before you have the need to see or understand content that may be in another language, and if you don’t have any prior education, you can find yourself in trouble. But, this is when Google Chrome offers you one of its best services .

Google Chrome, has with it the necessary tools to be able to make you understand everything you need on a page that is not written in your mother tongue. Through tools such as Google Translate, you have access to fairly accurate translations of different texts from English to Spanish and even from your Android.

And, it also gives you the option to translate pages in ways you probably didn’t imagine. Just keep reading below, because we will tell you everything you need to know about it, so that you do not fear other pages that you want to visit and are not in your mother tongue.

Google Translate: Your Best Friend

It is likely that some’ve ever heard of Google Translate or translator of Google, or you’ve used.

It is a very useful tool for Google, as it is a fairly direct and easy-to-use translator . You only select the language from which you want to translate and it generates quite accurate texts of what is being expressed originally.

It is a good tool for people who only speak one language or people who are learning a new language, since it gives the option of being able to hear how what you want to translate is pronounced.

And, just as he is your best friend, you can take him anywhere on the internet with you. Although Google already has an option through which you can translate entire pages into Spanish, many wish they could translate what they select on a particular page.

And, it really is something totally possible through the Google Translate extension. You just have to enter the Chrome Web Store , enter the name of the extension and install it in your browser .

Once you have it installed and configured to your liking, you can go to any web page, select the text you want and be able to directly translate what you want in a matter of seconds. From now on, you can load that useful Google translator wherever you go on the web.

Translating entire pages

In the event that you are really more of those who like to translate entire pages, you can choose the options that Google Chrome already has in its section. First, go into the Google settings. Once there, you have to enter the Advanced Configuration part , and here go to Languages.

Then, just click on the language that you have selected as yours, and several options will be displayed. Just click on the option that says ” Ask me if I want to translate pages that are not in a language I can read .” Once you do, you will see that you will always be given the option to translate entire pages without problem.


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