How to translate Instagram stories

Of the 500 million profiles that post stories every day on this social network, not all of them write in your language; For this reason, we tell you how to translate Instagram stories so that you do not miss any details of what your favorite accounts publish. Even if they do it in another language!

This novelty was announced by Instagram in July 2021, and will gradually be incorporated into both Android and iPhone. But, before telling you how to translate Instagram stories, we are going to tell you some of the reasons why you may not have this option activated yet:

  • That your version of Instagram isnot updated .
  • That the language of the text in question is not among the 90 that the application translates (Spanish is among them).
  • That the text of the story you want to translate has not been written directly in it. That is, if it is an image with embedded text, the application will not be able to translate it, for example.


Now yes, once you are clear about the previous points, we will tell you how to translate Instagram stories. You will see that it is super easy! And, as an image is worth a thousand words, in the next one you will get an idea of ​​how this new utility of the social network works.

As you can see, just below the name of the profile, an icon with the symbol of a conversation appears, and it says “see translation”. If you click there, the original text will appear at the bottom of the screen and, below, the translation into your language (in which you have configured your Instagram account). As simple as that!


Although the function to know how to translate Instagram stories is new, the app has already translated, for a long time, some of the texts that are published in it, such as those that accompany the images. Don’t you know how to do it? See how to translate Instagram comments.

If there is a publication that interests you and you want to know the meaning of the phrase, but they are in another language, you can translate that text very easily. If you look at where it says the hours that the post has been published, you will also read “See translation” , if you click there, the post will appear directly translated. If you want to see the original text again, it is as simple as clicking “See original”.

When you use this option, both the text of the post and the highlighted comments will be translated, that is, those of other accounts that appear above. However, if you enter the list of comments, they will be seen in the original language again and, from that list, the application does not give you the option to translate them. To do this you will have to do it manually by copying the text into an external translator, such as Google’s .


Have you received a private message and you don’t understand it? Unfortunately, to know how to translate Instagram messages, the application does not give us the “solution”. Although the translator is already activated for texts, some comments and stories, it is not the same in private messages.

However, if you want to translate a message that you have received on Instagram , there is a “trick” that can help you: click on the text that you do not understand, and the app itself will give you the option to copy that text. That way, you can paste it directly into an external translator, which you will have to resort to, to do the translation. But at least you won’t have to manually copy the message .

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