How to transfer Windows 10 license from one computer to another

A license of Windows 10 (basic version) costs around 35 euros. Whenever you change your computer, you need to purchase a new one in order to use the operating system with full functionality. At the same time, however, it is also possible to transfer the license from one device to another, using the smlrg.vbs commands: a line that allows you to remove and install a new product key . In short, to transfer a license from one device to another, you must first deactivate the license from the old computer and reactivate it on the new one .

First of all, the tips don’t work on a store-bought device, with the operating system already installed. Precisely because manufacturers incorporate OEM keys into devices. At the same time, the procedure is only successful with the same edition of the operating system. In short, if you have a Windows 7 or 8 license you can activate it on Windows 10, but only with the default activation process.

In two (simple) moves 

Before starting to write the commands, it is essential to have the digital key at hand to activate the license. Next, you need to open the “command prompt” application. To access the app you need to write “cmd” on start and then right click and choose the option “run as administrator”. The first step is to deactivate the old device. To do this, you need to write the command “slmgr.vbs / upk” which deactivates the license. And if you want to completely remove the key from the registry, just write the command “slmgr.vbs / cpky”. This way, those who get hold of the old computer can no longer use a licensed version of the operating system.

Afterwards it is essential to open the “command prompt” app again, but on the new computer. In this case, the user has to click the “slmgr.vbs / ipk” command and then enter the product key. If the code has not been disabled, Windows 10 is usable but does not work properly.

Once again, it should be remembered that what is illustrated does not apply to a license used for an edition other than the original one. In this case, you need to open the settings page and click on “Windows is not activated, activate Windows now”. Finally, once again, type in the passkey.


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