How to transfer or transfer my Spotify music playlist to Apple Music

You like music and you have created your playlists with the content of your preference , thus making the best use of the service that Spotify offers But maybe you’ve decided to change platforms, now what will you do with all your musical repertoire? Fortunately, you don’t need any app to transfer your playlist to Apple Music Read on and we’ll show you how to do it.

Pass or transfer your playlist using Soundiiz

Soundiiz is not a mobile application, rather you must access its website; you will need to create a user, it will require you to create your username and password; You have the option of making the transfer for free , importing one playlist at a time, or Premium, paid service and you can select several lists at the same time. How?

  1. Enter the Soundiiz website , create your username.
  2. Then to your Music Library and select Playlists
  3. Go to the panel you see on the left, connect with Spotify .
  4. In the corresponding box, check the playlists you want to import (they can be several if you use the premium service).
  5. In the toolbar at the top, select the conversion tool.
  6. Select the target platform, in this case Apple Music.
  7. Start the process of transferring your lists, it will take little time.

Once the process of migrating your playlists is complete, you will be able to see your favorite songs on the new platform. It may take a while to get one, or perhaps the reason is that it is not part of your catalog ; You can include it in your playlist individually, if it is part of the variety of songs that your new platform has.

You can use TunemyMusic to download or transfer your playlist to Apple Music

TunemyMusic is another option that you can take advantage of, so you can import the content of your music library to Apple Music; You can do it by entering their website, once there you will see a button that says Let’s Start or Let’s start , and choose from where you will import the music files.

It is worth saying that you can take advantage of TunemyMusic to transfer playlists to and from different platforms that offer streaming music services, how can you do it?

Once you have selected the platform from which you will transfer the files, in this case Spotify , a window will appear asking for your data to access your user.

Once authorization is obtained, click on the Upload option and you will be able to select the playlists that you want to transfer to Apple Music; TunemyMusic allows you to also migrate your favorite artists, albums and songs .

After choosing the playlist, you must tell TunemyMusic which will be the destination platform, in this case Apple Music ; You must log in with your Apple ID and password , so both platforms can be linked and thus you can transfer your playlists to the Apple Music platform. Just wait a bit, the delay will be in proportion to the volume of the transfer.

You may find it difficult to get some of your favorite songs on the new platform, perhaps because the song is not available in the catalog; if yes, you can add it to the playlist individually.

Unfortunately streaming platforms so far do not allow the transfer of these lists between them, but you can use the two options that we have suggested.

You can take advantage of the services of Soundiiz and TunemyMusic and continue enjoying your favorite songs and your playlist even when you change the streaming platform, without the need to download applications, simply and quickly. We hope this article has been useful to you and you can transfer your playlist from Spotify to Apple Music without difficulty.


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