How to transfer or import my Gmail contacts

Email technology is one of the most useful tools that will help you send and receive messages from your contacts almost immediately. That is why knowing how to mark the read messages , see your profile and the contact directory are an essential part of managing email.

Now if you work with several emails, one of the most used functions is to be able to import or transfer your contacts from one email client to another, as this will avoid having to add them manually, robbing you of valuable time.

That is why today in this article we are going to explain how to import your emails from Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird easily and quickly. So you can take advantage of functions such as  sending hidden emails in Thuderbird .

How to export contacts from Gmail?

Before starting, it is important that we show you how to export your Gmail contacts, and then import them into Thunderbird. The process is very simple so don’t worry, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to mention.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the inbox of your Gmail account to start the process of exporting your contacts. Once inside, you must go to the Gmail button and from among the options press the one that says contacts to show you the list of all the contacts that you have associated with your account.

Step 2

After being in this option you must give it in the More option and then in export and select the contacts that you want to export from Gmail. Once you finish choosing, you must select the type of file in which it will be exported, in this case you must choose the .CSV file so that the contacts are compatible with Mozilla Thunderbird.

And ready, you have already completed the first phase of the process of importing the contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird, now what you should do is wait for the contacts file to download and then import them into your Mozilla account. Don’t worry, it won’t take long to download since the file shouldn’t be more than a few megabytes.

How to import my contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird?

Once the download has finished, you must go to the Mozilla Thunderbird program , the email where you will import the Gmail contacts, before continuing remember that you must have Mozilla Thunderbir installed, of course, and updated, all this so that you do not have any inconvenience.

Step 1

Once inside the program you must go to the program’s options menu and click on the section called Tools and within this section look for the option called Address Book. Within this option you must click on import to be able to save your contacts in the program, which are the ones you previously downloaded.

Step 2

Once you have given import, a new window will appear where you can search for the file that contains the addresses of your contacts where you have saved it.

So look for them and open it so that they are imported into Mozilla Thunderbird and voila, after they have passed, it only remains for you to return to your contacts’ book to verify and save the addresses of your friends and family as you want.

We hope this guide has been useful to you and you have not had any problems with the process that we show you in this article. In Thunderbird it is possible, like Gmail, to put a signature with an image in the mail , it even has a section to chat with other thunderbird contacts.


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