How to transfer calls from my Apple Watch to my iPhone

Since the Smart Watch or smart watches powered by Apple came on the market . It has become a global fad and has been replicated by other brands.

There are many functions that this device allows, which is linked to your mobile phone, in our case with the iPhone. For this reason, we will teach you how to transfer calls from my Apple Watch to my iPhone.

It is that carrying out this operation has become a very difficult company to do and sometimes we do not understand why. It is that at first glance it may seem complicated but once you get to know the trick , everything is shown with crystal clarity. This misinformation that exists about it is because it was believed impossible to do.

But if we evaluate the different circumstances that we may face, it sounds illogical to receive a call to our Smartwatch and not be able to answer it from the iPhone . Or the opposite could also happen, receive calls to the mobile and transfer them to the Smartwatch. In either case, below we will show you what to do and the simple steps to follow.

How to transfer calls from my Apple Watch to my iPhone

As we already discussed, it is possible that you have not had to document yourself and know everything you can do with the Apple Watch. That goes beyond just indicating your heart rate, or offering you a weather report of the day or listening to music or taking photos . No, you can also receive calls and these transfer them without problems to your iPhone.

Now it is very useful to answer a call from the Apple Watch, since if we must have our hands full while we answer the phone, this is an excellent option. So if we learn to make this type of call transfer from any device, it would be like a glove and then let’s not wait and see what we have to do.

How to transfer a call from my Apple Watch to the iPhone

Next we are going to explain two methods that exist for this and it is only in cases that you want to transfer a call in progress or transfer an incoming call. In the case of transferring a call in progress, you will do the following. Press the green button you use to answer calls from Apple Watch.

Then you will see a green bar at the top of the iPhone screen , this will indicate that you are having a call. The next step is to press this bar and the call will be transferred immediately to your mobile. Now in the case of transferring an incoming call you are going to do the following.

When you receive the call on your Apple Watch, you slide it up to show the options and from them you will click on Answer on the iPhone . In this way the call will be on hold on your mobile, go to the mobile and press the green button to answer.

How to Transfer Calls from iPhone to Apple Watch

It is simple to do, when you receive a call on your iPhone, you will click on the call icon on the screen, this in the case of not having the Home button. If in your case you have an iPhone that has the Home button, you are going to press the green band that appears at the top of the screen.

If we have done this correctly in either case the call has been successfully transferred to the Apple Watch . As you can see, this is a very simple process to do and it did not take you more than 2 seconds to execute it. Now you must answer the call from your smart watch and have your hands free to perform any other activity.

But there is another method that we can use to transfer a call from iPhone to Apple Watch and this is by using the direct access feature of WatchOS. So what should we do, because we will press the icon that is shown on the clock screen. This is the call shortcut and a green button will appear indicating that there is a call in progress.


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