How to transfer books from PC to Kindle

Here’s how to transfer books from PC to Kindle and start reading digital books wherever you are.

Have you just bought an  Amazon e-reader  and would like to be able to transfer the books you have on your computer to it, but you don’t know how? You are in the right place: in this article we will explain in detail how to transfer books from PC to Kindle , in a few simple steps.

The Kindle is the tool created by Amazon for reading digital books. It is a  small size and high performance e -Reader , available on the e-commerce giant in different models, suitable for all needs and suitable for free shipping with Amazon Prime. If you haven’t signed up for the service yet, but don’t want to miss out on free shipping, you should know that Amazon Prime is free for one month for all new customers, and the Prime Student promotion is active for students .

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  1. Kindle: how to transfer books from PC
    1. Transfer books from PC to Kindle with USB cable
    2. Transfer books from PC to Kindle via email

Kindle: how to transfer books from PC

If you’ve just bought a  Kindle  and would like to start putting your books inside the device, the first thing you need to know is that all ebooks purchased in the Kindle Store  on  Amazon , the Amazon Kindle  mobile app  and through e -Readers linked to your Amazon account are automatically present on the new device. The books purchased with your account, in fact, are automatically synchronized on all the devices with which you log in. Find out how to buy Kindle books here .

You can also transfer books purchased on  Amazon  through the  My content and devices page on , by selecting the three dots that are to the left of the title of your interest, clicking on the Send To item and then choosing one of the devices in the menu drop down.

To transfer the books on your computer, not purchased through the Kindle Store , to Kindle , there are two different ways, which we will explain in detail in the course of this article: the first is to copy the ebooks to your Kindle through the USB cable, the second in sending the file via email.

Before you begin, however, you need to know that  Kindles  are not compatible with all formats. In order to transfer an ebook from your PC to your Kindle, and read it whenever and wherever you want, it must be saved in one of the following formats: TXT, MOBI, PDF and / or AZW. Different formats will not be read by your Kindle.

Read on to find out in detail  how to transfer books from PC to Kindle.

Transfer books from PC to Kindle with USB cable

The first thing you can do to  transfer books from your computer to your Kindle  is to use the USB cable that comes with the product at the time of purchase.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Connect your  Kindle  to the PC using the USB cable that you find inside the package,
  • Open the Kindle  folder  that will appear on your PC once the e-Reader is connected ,
  • Select the Documents folder  ,
  • Copy or drag the book file you want to transfer to your Kindle into the folder.

 Transfer books from PC to Kindle via email

If you are looking for an even faster way to transfer books from PC to Kindle, you should know that you can also do it via email. Each Kindle, in fact, is equipped with a personal email, on which it is possible to send documents in the formats we have indicated above.


Here’s where you can find  your Kindle email  to use to attach a book to your e-Reader :

  • Go to the  homepage  of your Kindle ,
  • Select the Settings  item  that you find in the top menu,
  • Click on  Your Account.

In the last item on the page with  your account data , you will find your Kindle e-mail address, where you can send the documents you want to have on your e-Reader.

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