How To Train A Tyrannosaurus In Jurassic World Evolution 2

The Jurassic Park films teach that showing living dinosaurs for money is not a business idea. The moral of the game Jurassic World Evolution is strictly opposite: no, you can pose as a god and trample the laws of nature, if you do it skillfully enough. For the Jurassic World Evolution 2 coming out this fall, they even came up with a special Chaos Theory mode, in which you can replay the key events of the films Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, realize the plans of soulless businessmen and make a lot of money. And if dinosaurs devour a few rangers or visitors in the process – well, these are just numbers in the “expenses” column.

Technically, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is a business simulator, like Theme Park, but not really. As in the first part, the actual gameplay here is just an excuse to get closer to the dinosaurs and admire them together with the visitors. I managed to play only a few hours in one of the Chaos Theory scenarios and the main story campaign (so I can’t draw conclusions about the balance and volume of content), and judging by the first impressions, the authors perfectly understood that people come here not to count numbers and plan the optimal ones. aviaries. No, they are interested in launching a live goat into the aviary, and then watching the tyrannosaurus hunt and eat it.

The point here is that all potentially spectacular actions are performed not through the orders in the menu, but by hand. Need to catch the dinosaurs grazing by the lake and move them to the park? Get into the helicopter, fly to the point and manually shoot them with a tranquilizer. The same should be done if the tyrannosaurus breaks through the enclosure fence and goes to devour visitors. So, the volume of such “handwork” in the sequel has grown. To find out why a dinosaur is sad, it is not enough to poke at it with a mouse – no, you have to sit on an SUV, enter the enclosure, get binoculars and look with your eyes. And it’s good if the dinosaur is herbivorous or well-fed. Otherwise, you will have to press on the gas and flee back to a safe area. Some of these actions can be optimized (for example, building observation points in enclosures and setting up ranger routes), but if something urgent happens (for example, the pets are sick), it’s faster to do everything personally again. And yes, the mechanics of diagnosing diseases and treating dinosaurs right on the spot or in the clinic are also a new feature of the sequel.

Visually, Jurassic World Evolution 2 is practically indistinguishable from the first part, albeit there is more content: for example, the number of vegetation options (and “paleo vegetation”, and not ordinary modern grass) for enclosures has increased – and each type of dinosaur eats one thing. Putting a tub with compound feed will not work, you need a natural source of food. So painting the biome under the future residents with plants and soil is a meditative and rather responsible occupation. Someone likes sand, someone likes stones, and one should not forget about some water too. A small mistake, and the pet will either die, or go to break the fence, or eat the neighbor. There are more dinosaurs themselves (75 species, including sea and flying), and their colors, the number of available buildings, discoveries and hell knows what increased, but the game did not look better. The static close-ups of the dinosaurs are good, but the surroundings look a bit poor and almost worse than in Jurassic World Evolution three years ago. It is unlikely that the developers through the cloud streamed me a version on low graphics settings.

Although Jurassic World Evolution 2 is a game about the love of dinosaurs, you also need to take care of the pathetic people here. Build them platforms for observing aviaries, donut tents, hotels, fossil displays. Some guests want luxury, others are looking for adventure, and for each type of visitor it is useful to build not so much a set of the right buildings as a whole segment of the park. However, it will be possible to check how well it works and whether the challenge is interesting only after the release of the final version.

The first Jurassic World Evolution had a problem – at a certain stage, the park made money on its own, and the player could only lazily study dinosaur genomes and discover new species. It was especially sad for the fans of classic tycoons, whose hearts were not touched by a new monster hatching from an egg.

But the game should definitely appeal to fans of the Jurassic World films (if any) – it’s not for nothing that this is a licensed product. The main campaign directly continues the events of “Jurassic World 2” and offers to build a park from scratch, catch feral dinosaurs and send them to their cages. Chaos Theory mode is essentially a set of scenarios based on films with unusual starting conditions (the park already exists, but it is broken and needs to be repaired). If you can get carried away with this story, get used to the role of a park manager, feel like a movie hero – then the game will go. And is there really something better on the market now about dinosaurs, huh?

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