How to track my order on Shein?

Among the items that are most purchased online are clothing and other items such as footwear and accessories; How is the order tracked on Shein when a purchase is made?

Knowing that the order has already been sent or not, if it has already arrived in the destination country or if it is detained in a customs office are some of the questions that people who buy in virtual stores ask themselves.

How to track my order on Shein?

At the moment a product is purchased within the Shein virtual platform, it automatically generates an identification number of the package sent and this code is sent to the e-mail provided by the buyer, the function of this code is track the package sent and be able to track it.

The steps to track the shipment are:

In the first place, you must log in to the Shein website , then click on the YO button or on the profile photo to display a window, in this section of My orders it is necessary to look for the Sent button.

Once inside the page it shows all the orders made by the person and the status of each one of them, when what you want to track already appears as sent you can press the follow or track button .

If you have not received the code or you do not have it at hand, in this part this code appears as well as the name of the parcel where the order will arrive, finally with this you can track your purchase in the EBANX TRACK application , it only sticks the code and there you can see where the package is and how long it takes to have it with you and be able to try out new outfits.

What is Shein?

Shein is a virtual store of Chinese origin that specializes in the sale of latest generation and avant-garde fashion accessories and fine clothing focused on women, men, children and adolescents with varied, modern items with a lot of marketing and prestige in the world.

This page has low and accessible prices and offers that give it an advantage over other clothing stores. And although its main headquarters are in the People’s Republic of China, it has several branches around the world, among which those in the United States, Mexico and some in Europe stand out.

Similarly, Shein has specific online stores for several countries, it also has the capacity to make deliveries to more than 221 countries including several in Latin America ; Venezuela is not currently included, you just have to enter and place the order of your choice.

Delay time for an order

The time it takes for an order to reach the hands of the person who buys the item depends on several factors as with any other virtual store , mainly it depends on whether the country from where the purchase is made has a Shein branch.

In general, if there is a branch in that country, standard shipping takes 3 to 5 days if there is no problem, in the same way there is the possibility of paying an express shipping in which the clothes only take 2 days to arrive at your destination.

On the other hand, when the country does not have branches or when Shein does not send direct shipments to this country, such is the case of Venezuela; The order may take a little longer and last up to 15 or 20 days, since it is necessary to send the merchandise to another country and there to hire another package delivery company.

When ordering in virtual stores it is necessary to take into account that there are certain factors that could delay the delivery of the package , such as the documentation or the packaging of the package as well as when invalid addresses are provided or there is a retention of packages in the customs.


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