How To to disable the touch screen lock on my Android

One of the main components of our smartphone is undoubtedly the touch screen and this can be configured in various ways. Where one of the adjustments that Android mobile users usually make have to do with increasing the sensitivity of the screen . But in the following tutorial we will explain an easy adjustment to make and it has to do with deactivating the lock of the touch screen of your Android phone.

For many users, the screen lock can be a somewhat annoying option, especially when we want to watch videos. Therefore, it is necessary to dispense with this block for the moment. So if you are one of those who are a bit annoyed by having to press the screen at all times so that it does not block, we invite you to continue reading.

For this to be possible and you can deactivate or lock the touch screen of your Android, you will have to use an application. With it you will solve this problem and you realize that everything can be solved, all you have to do is use the right tool. As in the case when you have the locked screen of your mobile and you want to change a song .


  • Steps to disable the touch screen lock on my Android
  • How to remove the lock from the touch screen of my Android

Steps to disable the touch screen lock on my Android

As we discussed in the introduction of this article, to be able to deactivate the automatic lock of the touch screen of your Android. You are going to have to use an application and it is called Touch Lock. Which you can download for free from the Play Store and then we will tell you how you can use this excellent App.

Once you download the application on your mobile, you must install it and its use is very simple, you will not only have the possibility of deactivating the touch screen. You will also be able to disable all the buttons, excluding of course the on and off buttons . Now to be able to put the lock into operation you must simply click on the “Notifications” option of the application.

When accessing you will find three options that will allow you to make different locks , with the first one you will be able to lock the touch screen. With the second option you are going to block only the physical buttons of the mobile. And with the third option you will be able to enter the video area, you can realize how simple and fast it is to use this application.

How to remove the lock from the touch screen of my Android

Just as it is easy to disable the automatic touch screen lock , it is also very easy to allow it to return to its initial lock settings. And to do this, it will only be necessary that you access the “Notifications” of Touch Lock. From here you will have the possibility to deactivate the function that you previously activated.

Although on the screen you will see a transparent button and when you press it, it will allow you to deactivate the lock. One of the important aspects that the Touch Lock App shows is its simplicity to configure it.

You just have to follow the instructions that the assistant offers you from the moment you get ready to use it and thus deactivate the automatic lock of the touch screen on Android.

The touch screen of our smartphone is very important and can sometimes incur faults that we must know how to solve.

And in this article we have been able to offer you a timely response to a problem that you did not think could be solved in such a simple way. And now you know which application you have to use to deactivate or block the touch screen of my Android cell phone.


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